BREAKTHROUGHS AND SHIFTS: March 29th - April 4th - Lori Haberkorn

BREAKTHROUGHS AND SHIFTS: March 29th – April 4th

How was your Super Full Moon in Libra? Did you charge your crystals in the healing light of the Moon and burned your limitations in the powerful fire of your ritual?
If not – know that with the beginning of the week it’s still time to do so, as this week truly is a week of making commitments and new shifts towards our future!
Know that all of it is a process and that you can find joy within every phase. Just look at the Moon and her journey through all her phases. We can learn so much from her and the universe is teaching us this week even more. So get into it and enjoy the new energy!

MONDAY, March 29th
Sun conjunct Chiron
Sun semisextile Uranus

After a powerful Super Full Moon in Libra the new week starts with a new opportunity of letting go to let in the new. The Sun aligning with Chiron activates the great awareness of what is allowed to be healed. And as both of them harmonise with Uranus, it’s time to finally and definitely create a change and shift for our future. If you haven’t already created your Full Moon Ritual yesterday, today is still a great day to release all your belief patterns, that stop you from radically be and love yourself. Make a difference and make it today!

TUESDAY, March 30th
Mercury conjunct Neptune
Moon enters Scorpio
Venus sextile Saturn

Today is getting psychic, dreamy, and deep. The Moon already is in her female energy of slowly calming down and with today we are leaving the Libra Full Moon energies, as the Moon enters emotional Scorpio. Expect to be more sensitive and emotional for the following two days. Use this energy for intuitive and creative work, as the Mercury Neptune conjunction opens up new levels of consciousness. The energy may shift to a more responsible one within the afternoon, as Venus is in a sextile to Saturn. Find joy in making plans, but make important decisions better the next day.

WEDNESDAY, March 31st
Mercury semisextile Jupiter
Mercury semisquare Uranus
Uranus semisextile Chiron

Mercury, our planet of communications, creates a lovely connection in the morning with your planet of luck, Jupiter. If you have a morning meditation or journaling – beware of clear messages that will arrive at yours. They may support you on your further journey. Use it especially during the day and latest at evening, when Mercury semisquares Uranus, our great awakener. It may not be the easiest, but new ideas and visions want to be born. It’s also a great chance to release a long lasting-belief pattern and to finally make a commitment to your breakthrough!

THURSDAY, April 1st
Moon enters Sagittarius

Today’s energies are getting fiery and adventurous. On a Jupiter day, the Moon enters Jupiter’s home sign – Sagittarius and with this our heart starts to feel more light and ease again. It’s a great day to be spontaneous and ready for all the magic to receive. Sagittarius loves to expand their horizons, so this is how you can fulfill your heart for the following days. Be open-minded and ready to learn. From every person, from every thought, philosophy, experience, and emotions. Let’s expand our minds and soul to vibe higher together!

FRIDAY, April 2nd
Mercury semisquare Saturn

Our heart is ready to move forward and we seek new adventures. Still, we may experience limitations in our outer and inner world. Feelings of restlessness, hopelessness as well as anxiety are pretty common when Mercury semisquares Saturn. Focus on what actually is possible and put all of your energy into that. We just entered the year of Saturn and with Saturn comes big learnings and often also limitations. Work on how you can keep your head clear and in a supportive mood, as this will help you massively throughout the whole year.

SATURDAY, April 3rd
Moon enters Capricorn

What could be more fitting than a Moon entering Capricorn on a Saturn Day? All universe energies aligned!
The original meaning of a Saturday was to reflect on the whole week and to make a plan for the new week to come, which always started with Sunday (the Sun Day). So this is what you can do today. Have a quick check-in at where you are and where you want to go within the following week. Bring clarity and structures into your vision and end this day with reading your favorite book, hanging out with your animals, and taking some time to rest.

SUNDAY, April 4th
Mercury enters Aries
Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Today the Moon creates your last Quarter that indicates feelings of impatience, imbalance, and doubts. Mercury leaving dreamy Pisces to enter fiery Aries may not help first, as this energy makes us even more longing for change. But there is a big power in Mercury in Aries that you can and shall use for good: Our mind changes from a slow, dreamy one into a motivated, ambitious, and very fast-acting one! We will understand and therefore create and work on our visions so much more intensely within the following weeks and this is together with the Sun in Aries super powerful! Trust yourself and your vision forward! 

Stay weird, stay magic!

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