SPRING FEELINGS & BIG DREAMS: April 5th - 11th - Lori Haberkorn


This week is lovely – thank you Universe for finally uplifting the energies in the air and for preparing us for some powerful hours to fulfil your dreams. As this week is preparing us for a powerful New Moon in Aries to come with which we are allowed to manifest our wildest visions for the future! It’s about our soul path, our purpose and mission here in life and I am so ready for it. What about you?
Get into it and enjoy it! This week even has some romance prepared for us

MONDAY, April 5th
Moon enters Aquarius

We start this week with an Aquarius Moon – my favorite as I am an Aquarius Moon Babe – and this after a Quarter Moon and Mercury entering Aries.
It’s a good day to start this week with lots of time for yourself and everything your heart desires. Do it your way and don’t put any pressure on to yourself, but allow yourself to give you the space and time you need to follow your visions and dreams. A great day to connect with your future self!

TUESDAY, April 6th
Venus sextile Mars
Jupiter semisquare Chiron

There is some romance in the air. Venus and Mars are flirting in the Universe and you can use it to connect with the ones you love, yourself or your beloved new project. Get into it, get creative and attract everything you desire!

The energy shifts with the late evening hours as Jupiter is in a tension to Chiron. Things that trigger us can be expanded, so just be very aware of how you react or how others react and know that it’s nothing personally, but that there is more tension in the air right now.

WEDNESDAY, April 7th
Moon enters Pisces

The Moon is leaving at the evening rebellious Aquarius to find herself in dreamy Pisces. For the next 2 days expect to be more sensitive and work with your emotions. You have so much love to give. Share it and you will not only create so much more out of it, but you will also receive it in return.
Our soul may seek more silence and rest these days, so get into your spiritual practices, creative & intuitive work and take great care of your heart.

THURSDAY, April 8th
Venus semisextile Neptune

On Jupiter we even receive more love – isn’t this wonderful? We already are getting closer to the New Moon in Aries that will be created next Monday, April 12th, and we are allowed to reflect, empower gratitude and find peace within.
Today can be super dreamy and expanding when it comes to our visions, our big dreams and everyone who and everything what we love! Build castles in the air and know that you can manifest them with the following New Moon!

FRIDAY, April 9th
Mercury semisextile Uranus, conjunct Chiron & semisquare Jupiter
Mars square Neptune

Okay, Mercury is playing wild & crazy today!
With the morning comes enlightening & awakening moments! Be open for some brilliant messages to arrive but get over the moment when Mercury conjuncts Chiron in the middle of it. Allow yourself to think & speak your truth even though something/-one makes you feel unsure about it. Trust yourself! The evening may be filled with confusion and uncertainty.

An advice for this day: Communicate more inwards and outwards and always ground yourself in between to stay focused!

SATURDAY, April 10th
Moon enters Aries
Mercury sextile Saturn
Venus sextile Jupiter

The Moon is entering Aries to prepare herself for the powerful REAL new beginning of the new Year: The New Moon in Aries. Get into movement – physical, emotional and mental!
With Mercury harmonizing with Saturn at noon an energy of clarity and commitment is allowed to be created. With yesterday’s confusion we can now see things more clearly again and we can even expect some romantic and lovely, expanding evening hours when Venus blending in with Jupiter. Be spontaneous and go with the flow! You may experience some beautiful, fulfilling adventures!

SUNDAY, April 11th
Sun semisextile Neptune

Today the energies are already super sensitive and highly female. Use this day to connect with your emotions and feelings, as well as with your visions for the following Moon cycle. If you are into it – create already a golden New Moon Manifesting Ritual where it’s all about your biggest dreams, your mission and soul path. What are you allowed to create with your life and what can you already put into action within the following 4 weeks? What is your soul path and how can you use your energies best? Think big and know that you can achieve EVERYTHING as long as you believe in yourself and do the work! Manifest your wildest dreams!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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