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VISIONS & FEELINGS: April 12th – 18th

What would be a better start into the new week than a New Moon in fiery Aries? Couldn’t imagine anything better! And within this week we are once again allowed to deeply dive into the empowering, courageous and vision driven energies of Aries before entering a new Season of grounding and fulfilment.
So make yourself ready for a new week, a new journey, a new chapter of lots of emotions, visions, dreams and learnings!
Your week of manifesting and building the foundation for your golden wishes to grow!

MONDAY, April 12th
New Moon at 22° in Aries at 04:31 AM
Venus square Pluto
Moon enters Taurus

If you haven’t already celebrated the New Moon on the weekend: Today is the day to manifest your wildest dreams, as the Moon is already slowly connecting with the first rays of the Sun, creating her 4 weeks journey of making our wishes come true.
Use this day to connect to your heart desires and your soul path.
Venus squaring off with Pluto is aiming for transformation, so create a Wishing Ritual of visualizing and manifesting your wildest dreams for the new cycle to come. Practice gratitude and dance in the excitement of seeing your dreams coming true!
In the evening the Moon is leaving Aries to enter Taurus.

TUESDAY, April 13th
Moon in Taurus

The energy is shifting from a fiery to a more grounded one, when the Moon is finding herself in earthy Taurus. It’s about stability and maybe even even starting to create a nurturing ground for all your New Moon wishes to grow. What can you do to bring more security for your wishes and yourself into your life?
Do some grounding and self worth work and don’t forget to enjoy the Taurus Moon Days. As you may know: Taurus loves everything about good food, pleasures and a bit of luxury, so treat yourself with whatever your heart is wishing for and enjoy your day!

WEDNESDAY, April 14th
Sun sextile Mars
Venus enters Taurus
Mars semisquare Uranus

As the Moon is in Taurus, Venus follows. With Venus finding herself in her home-sign Taurus we receive some extra power throughout May 8th, as of course Venus loves to stay in Taurus. It’s all about treating yourself with fulfilling things, empowering wealth and abundance and you know, just living the good life! And this is something we are always ready for, right? Invest in yourself, your growth, your journey, your life in doing good things for your heart and soul.
With Mars going strong today as well, we may feel the great desire for movement, but also restrictions in finally taking the oh so needed steps in moving forward. Change isn’t always the easiest, but Uranus wants us to do so as change is the nature of our life force.

THURSDAY, April 15th
Moon enters Gemini
Mercury semisextile Neptune
Sun sextile Jupiter

While yesterday’s energies may have felt more challenging, today carries already a big surprise of possibilities for us within. The Moon enters communicative Gemini and this is a great time to share your thoughts, ideas, fears and visions. Especially when Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, we are allowed to open our mind for new ideal pictures and ideas of life. We are invited to see beyond, to build dreams and wishes and when the Sun connects with Jupiter, new doors and opportunities may open up for us to grow.

FRIDAY, April 16th
Sun square Pluto

Everything is just a phase. A good affirmation for today as the Sun in Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This constellation can be experienced as super challenging, but also every challenge carries an opportunity to learn and grow within.
Be aware of your energies this day and don’t let yourself get tracked in darkness, but do the best to understand your very own energies in order to transform them back into light again.
The Moon in Gemini also can make us feel kind of restless so get yourself a minute to rest, breathe, relax and afterwards solutions will be found and magic is allowed to be created again!

SATURDAY, April 17th
Mars trine Jupiter
Mercury sextile Jupiter & Mars + square Pluto
Moon enters Cancer

Also this week Mercury is going wild & crazy creating several connections to Jupiter, Mars & Pluto. Good thing: They are mostly good & supportive.
Anyways, the morning starts with opportunities of expansion, so get active and connect with what you really want.You may also receive some supportive information and enlightenments in communicating to others.
Make sure to end this Saturday safe at our happy place: your comfy couch, bath tube or just go to bed and sleep. The Moon in Cancer will thank you and you will just oversleep the deep mind fuck of Mercury squaring Pluto.

SUNDAY, April 18th
Moon in Cancer

Use this day to nurture your soul and make some free time to connect with your very own needs and heart desires. Get into nature, rest, cook, dance, sleep, read, journale, create rituals, meditate – do whatever you need right now and allow yourself to feel all the feelings. All feelings welcome. All love welcome. all healing welcome. Everything is a process and you are safe. Empower your essence to make yourself ready for a new week and a new Season to come. You’ve done so great and you’ve already come so far. You got this!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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