TAURUS SEASON: April 19th - 25th - Lori Haberkorn

TAURUS SEASON: April 19th – 25th

Happy Taurus Season of beauty, joy, pleasures, wealth & abundance!

As a Taurus Babe, I of course celebrate the following 4 weeks like crazy as this is my most beloved Season. Also, Mercury follows into the grounded and fixed energy of Taurus, and the connected planet Venus is also playing strong. So it’s all about love, self-care, the good things, and prosperity. And if you want to empower these energies within yourself as well, come follow me on my 21 Days of Lakshmi Journey via Instagram to bring golden wealth & abundance into your life as well! Happy new week! I love you, star family!

MONDAY, April 19th
19 Sun Conjunct Mercury
Mercury enters Taurus 
Sun enters Taurus

With this new week, we celebrate the last hours of fiery Aries to wander into lovely and steady Taurus within the late evening hours. The main energy will take on a major shift as all of our visions of Aries Season are now allowed to be planted into a nurturing ground to grow massively within every day. Taurus Season is here to pamper our soul and self-worth in order to create a life in fulfilment – Lakshmi Energy. And with Mercury wandering into Taurus as well, we are allowed to plan long-term and to set the base for all of our further steps – pragmatically and full of love and confidence.

TUESDAY, April 20th
Venus semisquare Neptune
Jupiter semisextile Pluto

On Tuesday we find the Moon in her first Quarter in powerful Leo and Venus in Taurus is semisquaring Neptune in Pisces. These constellations often feel challenging and we might also feel kind of melancholic. Do your best to bring balance into the days around and empower the playfulness of Leo. The evening hours may already bring more light and ease into our soul when Jupiter harmonizes with Pluto. You may start to see possibilities in your current situation and are allowed to grow out of it. 

Secret tip: 
Manifest before heading to bed!

WEDNESDAY, April 21st
Mercury semisquare Neptune

Although Wednesday is due to the connected planet Mercury, our day of clear focus and communication – this may not be the easiest thing to do on this day, as Mercury is semisquaring Neptune, making our mind kind of dizzy. We may be more dreamy and it won’t be the easiest day to have a straight focus. Take a walk in the fresh air, drink lots of water and make big decisions the next day when the Moon enters Virgo. Allow your mind some rest and head into meditation, or give yourself a bit more sleep on this day.

THURSDAY, April 22nd
Moon enters Virgo

When the Moon enters Virgo you will feel more focused and clear again. Support it by creating clarity not only in your inner but also in your outer world. Make everything fresh and clean again to create some new supportive structure and order. If you want to plan or create something that needs your strong mindset – the following days can be used for this. 
Also, when you are desiring to get into a new daily routine: It will be way easier to get into them when the Moon is in Virgo, as safety within ourselves is what our heart is desiring right now.

FRIDAY, April 23rd
23 Venus conjunct Uranus 
Mars enters Cancer
Venus semisextile Chiron

It’s getting exciting and interesting as some surprises are just around the corner! Especially when it comes to everyone and everything we love… And maybe it’s even you who is creating these surprises and changes? If you want to take a risk for your own truth and vision: This is the day to do so. Head – OFF, Heart – ON!
Also with Mars entering Cancer, it’s getting emotional and we may start to feel ALL THE FEELINGS. Let it be and get all into it. Mars in Cancer also activates our gut feelings, so listen to your intuition and follow her!

SATURDAY, April 24th
Moon enters Libra
24 Mercury conjunct Uranus

Today it’s getting already kind of more practical again, as Mercury and Uranus are connecting in grounded Taurus. We may realize why we have made (or still have to make) specific decisions and we may also receive some new insights and messages to our current situation. So keep your mind open and for some extra magic even open your third eye.
Shortly before midnight arrives, the Moon is leaving Virgo to enter Libra and for the next few days, we long for beauty, harmony, and the connection to the ones we love deeply.

SUNDAY, April 25th
Mercury conjunct Venus
Venus & Mercury square Saturn

On Sun-Day we are allowed to take responsibility for our decisions and may even make some further. This is what the universe wants us to do when Mercury conjuncts Venus to create a strong connection to Saturn. With Venus, it’s again about our heart desires, what truly fulfills us the most as Taurus Season also wants us to achieve complete joy and fulfilment. Stay true to yourself, know your worth, and know what truly matters to you. The energies are already pretty loaded as we are heading straight to a Super Full Moon in Scorpio – but this is a topic for next week! 

So, enjoy this week!
Stay weird, stay magic, stay YOU!

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  • Weird and lovey that s what I felt since Monday … and we are still I. The Tuesday … what will go on … for the rest of the week! thank you for the kind wishes … in the order and I like your hair eventhough I was a bigger fan of the hair Coloratio n. Before ❤️ But you are always beautiful and this looks like a ferry ‼️

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