RELEASE & CHANGE: April 26th - May 2nd - Lori Haberkorn

RELEASE & CHANGE: April 26th – May 2nd

Beautiful Moon Babes, how are you doing so far? Are you ready for a powerful week to come? 
You better are, as we start it with a Super Full Moon in Scorpio that really wants us to work through the deep s**t. For good – as the Universe wants you to live in abundance and fulfilment! This is why we also start our 21 Days of Wealth & Abundance Journey on Wednesday, the day afterwards. Are you with me? It’s gonna be magical and I will be here the next few days in the morning to support you within the first days of getting into it. And of course, I will go on this journey together with you, by also guiding and supporting you throughout the whole process of 21 Days. The first time will be free, so take this chance!Have a look at the following days of the week, as we have a Retrograde starting, a massive conjunction of change and so much more to come…

MONDAY, April 26th
Moon enters Scorpio
Mercury conjunct Venus

New week, new magic, as yes – we are heading straight up to a powerful Super Full Moon in Scorpio – a Moon Event for releasing everything connected with emotional heaviness in order to truly grow into our greatest fulfilment within Taurus Season!
Still – until noon the Moon is in lovely Libra, so use this energy to start this week with love and everything that excites your heart! Tell someone how much you adore, value, and love them!
Around 6 PM, the Moon enters Scorpio, so if you are already into a Full Moon Releasing Ritual – it can be already created today as the Moon creates her peak within the morning hours of the following days.

TUESDAY, April 27th
Super Full Moon at 7°6’ in Scorpio at 05:32 AM, Berlin time
Sun semisquare Neptune
Mercury semisquare Mars
Pluto ℞ at 26 Capricorn

Energies and emotions are loaded! If you are overwhelmed by all your feelings & thoughts – let it be! It all will make sense later, trust me. Today is a super powerful day as we subconsciously work on so many levels on so many layers of ourselves.
At 05:32 AM we experience an intense Super Full Moon in Scorpio that allows us to work with our shadows and limiting beliefs to completely let go of the old and let in the new. 
Our bigger picture and highest vision are allowed to unconditionally support us in the releasing and healing process, as the universe wants us to move forward.
Be aware that you may feel more intense around this day and that today our mind may find some struggles to totally move on this day, as change, transformation and healing need time, It’s a process. A strong tree doesn’t grow within one day. But you can set a powerful, essential seed for your future today by working through old patterns that limit you in allowing yourself to feel emotionally free and easy in order to create a life in love, abundance, and wealth.
You can still work on all of these topics and the releasing and healing process within the following months, as Pluto, the planet of Scorpio starts its Retrograde in the evening hours. Within Pluto Retrogrades we are allowed to reflect on how much we’ve already transformed in specific constellations and within our whole life. We can use these months to do massive healing soul and shadow work and to therefore create massive turning points within our life.

WEDNESDAY, April 28th
Moon enters Sagittarius

If you haven’t created your Full Moon Burning Ritual of letting go until now: Today is still a good day to do so. Just keep in mind that the Moon will leave Scorpio around 6 PM and therefore creates a new energy of fiery and enlightening Sagittarius.
You will feel that the energy will become lighter and more optimistic again and this is the magic of living with the Moon – we realize that everything is a phase and that we all are going through them – individually, but also collectively and together with the Moon.
Make yourself ready for new adventures to come!

THURSDAY, April 29th

Today no special new Star Event is happening but I guess the last days were already enough to still affect our inner processes a lot. Also all of the planets being in Taurus – that are the Sun, Uranus, Venus & Mercury – are still constantly in tension with Saturn in Aquarius, that wants us to take responsibility for our action and to do things differently. And this is something that we will experience through the whole Taurus Season a lot and Taurus doesn’t like change! Anyways, 2021 she/he has to! As 2021 is all about getting into your own individual power and doing things differently in order to create a positive change and impact for your future!

FRIDAY, April 30th
Mercury sextile Neptune
Venus semisquare Mars
Moon enters Capricorn
Sun conjunct Uranus & semisextile Chiron

Hallelujah! The change is near – the change is here!
What a day, when the Sun decides to align with Uranus to awaken our inner strength of specific powers in order to see the bigger picture! You may awake into your new paradigm as you are here for a higher mission and Uranus lets us experience this at our own Sun – our essence. Be ready for some “aha moments” and insights to arrive and use them to make a decision for your truest self. Let it flow and make yourself ready for your new self even though you might hear some limiting voices in your head – know that you are ready and that YOU GOT THIS!

Uranus semisextile Chiron

Welcome first of May and welcome to a new feast of celebrating the fire of fertility, joy & love within the fire of life!
This is a day to invite a new cycle of intense creation, maturity & growth in order to set an intention for everything you want to see coming to fulfilment within the following months of summer.
What is it you want to create and do within summer?
What enlights you? How can you use your own energies & qualities to shine your light?
How can you live your mission & purpose to come into fulfilment, joy & abundance?
What is allowed to grow and come to maturity within summer? Is there a new project you want to create and release within these months?
Get into it and again: think big and act on it differently!

SUNDAY, May 2nd
Mercury trine Pluto ℞
Moon enters Aquarius
Venus sextile Neptune

Are you still in the high vibe of yesterday’s feast of light?
Good! Stay within it and go with the flow!
When finding and empowering our own light, we also subconsciously connect with the opposite – of what still is allowed to be understood, transformed and released. You may receive some supportive messages today to exactly do so when Mercury is creating a trine to Pluto Retrograde.
In the evening hours the Moon enters smart and open-minded Aquarius and Venus harmonizes with Neptune. What a dreamy and good energy to end this week. Get into it, as the following week has some tasks for us to grow again!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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