A GEMINI IN TAURUS: May 3rd - 9th - Lori Haberkorn

A GEMINI IN TAURUS: May 3rd – 9th

Welcome golden Stars for a new week to come, before starting a new Moon Cycle with the wealthy energies of Taurus! This week two out of our five personality planets enter Gemini and we will therefore feel a shift into a new, more airy, and mind-oriented energy. Still, we have more than enough Taurus energy left, why I decided to give you some more advice on wealth & abundance, and even better: a second journey on following and living your mission will follow on top! Doesn’t this sound great?
Also, a little reminder here, that the Early Bird tickets for my Mission & Biz Masterclass 2021 will only be available until New Moon, June 11th. So if you hear that call, make sure to register!
So that’s it! Get into the new week and enjoy!

MONDAY, May 3rd
Mercury square Jupiter
Sun square Saturn
Uranus semisextile Chiron
Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Happy new week, wonderful Star Family! Stay in your essence on this Moon Day, as this start into a new week may not feel like the smoothest. Create clarity and structure within yourself and if you feel stressed or out of your center, do your little but oh-so-big daily practices to keep your inner strength alive! We have a Quarter Moon, as well as some tension around so keep yourself grounded, be easy on yourself, but also do something that makes you feel powerful and faithful for this week ahead!

TUESDAY, May 4th
Mercury enters Gemini

With today Mercury enters Gemini and therefore finds himself in his home sign again where he will stay until July 11th, which is super long and due to his Retrograde that will start at the end of May. So enjoy the following weeks of Mercury being in his home sign, as usually, this creates some superpower of an activated bright mindset, new ideas, better understanding and support in everything around communication. Watch out for overthinking and problems in decision making – as the other side of Mercury in Gemini. Create clarity & grounding and off you go!

Moon enters Pisces
Venus semisquare Chiron

The Moon enters Pisces in the early morning hours and you may seek more time for yourself. The Moon is already in her last Quarter of wandering inwards and making herself ready to start a new Moon cycle within the beginning of next week. Allow yourself to take some time off, to get into intuitive, creative work of dancing, cooking, making music, getting into nature, meditation, and connecting with your wishes and dreams ahead. If you experience inner rest or heaviness, this is allowed to motivate you to know why you are here and what to do next!

Venus trine Pluto ℞

Today Venus trines Pluto ℞ and this is a good connection. Pluto being Retrograde is much softer and when connecting with Venus, we may find some deeper understanding and revelations when it comes to our own self-worth, but also in relations to others.
We may feel more passionate about diving deep, as we want to understand and feel it all. 
If you experience and see shadow sides at yourself or at others, know that this is allowed to come to the surface in order to be healed with love.

FRIDAY, May 7th
Moon enters Aries

We still feel the intensity of Venus and Pluto ℞ around and when the Moon enters Aries, it’s getting even hotter! You may seek more movement and change today, as your beautiful mind and soul is full of new ideas and adventures! Follow them, take a risk and follow your heart! Also, use your mind of course, but also know that Aries are known for their impulsive and intuitive, quick decisions, as they are coming straight out of their gut feeling, leading them to where they truly shall be!

Venus square Jupiter

This Transit of Venus squaring Jupiter makes us think about the meaning of life and all the possibilities that come with it! Why am I here and what am I allowed to create out of it? Straight out of my heart in my highest good! This is the vision!
Connect with your meaning of life and everything you love around it and also know, if you want to make a change and step into your power – my Early Bird Tickets for my Mission & Biz Masterclass 2021 are still on until May 11th! So if you hear this Call, I am happy to coach you!

Venus enters Gemini

This Sunday, Venus follows Mercury by entering funny and curious Air sign Gemini until June 2nd.
Therefore we may also seek more light and easy energies concerning everything that and whom we love within the following weeks. We are curious, seek for socializing, connecting with others, and expanding our mind by learning and making changes. 
Become playful with yourself and everything you love. Everything is allowed, get moving and expand within new decisions, learnings & possibilities!

Stay weird, stay golden, stay magic!

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