BLOOMING NEW MOON: May 10th - 16th - Lori Haberkorn

BLOOMING NEW MOON: May 10th – 16th

This week is here to empower our greatest and most fulfilling energies! It’s getting golden, greater, and even higher than ever this week!
It starts with the powerful New Moon in Taurus, that wants us to manifest our biggest long term vision for the last time in a while, in order to become the brightest blooming flower of abundance in our life! We head over to Jupiter entering Pisces to already receive some insights of how 2022 will feel like to end this week in cozy and comfy Cancer energy – perfect for my lovely Taurus Solar Return Celebration.
So get into it and manifest BIG! I mean it! This week is here for massive commitments for our higher vision!

MONDAY, May 10th
Moon enters Taurus
Mercury semisextile Mars

The Moon already is in earthy, soothing, blooming Taurus to make herself ready for the brightest and fulfilling New Moon of this year. She is in her last phase before starting a new – and the last – cycle of manifestation. For now, as we already are in the pre-shadow phase of the eclipses. Get already into your visions for the following cycle and allow yourself to dream big. This is what Taurus is wishing for and Mercury harmonizing with Mars is supporting it on the best level by pushing you forward!
Be radically honest with yourself: How does the best version of yourself and your life look like? It’s time to create it NOW!

TUESDAY, May 11th
New Moon at 21°17’ in Taurus at 08:59 PM – Berlin time
Mercury sextile Chiron & semisextile Uranus

Let’s all plant the biggest and most golden seed for our brightest flower of our future to bloom! This New Moon in Taurus is BIG and here to remind you, that you are here to live your life at your fullest, on all levels in life! You are so worthy to receive it all!
And with all connections of Mercury this day, it’s time to heal within our limiting belief pattern, to finally make the shift and change within our precious mindset to grow steady and rich into our most fulfilled self!
Create a big manifesting ritual and visualize major long-term wishes. Work with the topics of self-worth, wealth, abundance, fulfilment, your values, money, and your essence here in life!

Mars square Chiron & sextile Uranus
Mercury trine Saturn
Moon enters Gemini

If you haven’t created your New Moon Manifesting Ritual on Monday or Tuesday, you can still do it today until 3 PM, as this is the time when the Moon is leaving earthy Taurus to enter light and easy Gemini.
While Mars is going strong and challenging within the early morning hours, especially when it’s about trigger points, we may experience some changes the closer we get to evening hours.
Mercury trine Saturn supports us in getting organized and bringing back some structures into our life. Perfect to get into our New Moon wishes for the following weeks to come!

THURSDAY, May 13th
Sun sextile Neptune

Today’s planet constellation is already preparing us for the major shift that we will experience tomorrow. The Sun is harmonizing with Neptune, opening up our third eye to see and feel beyond. This is a great day to connect with your higher self, the universe, or your spirit guides as you may experience a higher understanding of your current situation and your path to go.
If you have any urgent questions, send them out to the universe and ask for a clear message and sign to arrive at yours. Get into journaling, meditation, and intuitive work to receive it.

FRIDAY, May 14th
Jupiter enters Pisces

On Venus Day we celebrate not only love but also Jupiter, as today our lucky planet is entering Pisces! This means a major shift in the energies and with this constellation, we will already receive some insights on the energies of 2022!! Why? Jupiter will stay in Pisces this year until July 28th, before heading back into Aquarius again until the end of the year. With next year Jupiter will rule Pisces, so we already get an image of the new energies in the following months! Isn’t this exciting? And Jupiter in Pisces is dreamy, beautiful, compassionate and it wants you to expand on all intuitive & spiritual levels! DREAM BIG & CONNECT WITH YOUR IDEAL PICTURE OF LIFE!

SATURDAY, May 15th
Moon enters Cancer
Mars inconjunct Saturn

Are you ready for a weekend full of cozy cuddles, hot baths, love vibes, and everything soul-nurturing? Perfect as with the Moon being the whole weekend in Cancer – this is what we receive! Take it easy and make it as comfortable as possible. It is here to connect with your soul desires and deepest feelings and wishes. What is allowed to be nurtured right now? Allow yourself to see and feel it and get into it.
Don’t make any big plans or decisions with this day, just be, listen and become aware. These are sometimes the most healing things to do.

SUNDAY, May 16th

Today the universe doesn’t create any new constellations, so we are still in the comfy, soul-nurturing Cancer vibes. Have an amazing walk in nature, cook an amazing dinner, burn all candles, dance to the Moonlight, and endlessly love your loved ones and yourself!
Perfect for my Solar Return – aka Birthday – today! So this is what you can imagine me doing all day long: eating cake, having long strolls with my cute fam and eating even more cake!
So enjoy this week and celebrate yourself and your highest visions!

Sending big golden Taurus Love!
Stay weird, stay magic!

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