GEMINI SEASON IS ON: May 17th - 23rd - Lori Haberkorn

GEMINI SEASON IS ON: May 17th – 23rd

Beautiful Stars, enjoy the last days of earthy & grounded Taurus, as lively, funny and fast Gemini Season is already right around the corner! And even more: Saturn is deciding to wander retrograde until October, so we start another round of karma and past life healing, but also reworking our structures and plans for our future.
So let’s head into the last week before Eclipse Season and let’s make it taurean delicious and Gemini adventurous!

MONDAY, May 17th
Sun semisquare Chiron, trine Pluto ℞
Moon enters Leo

We start this week still in the weekends cozy Cancer Moon energy, so take it slow and easy. It will change throughout the day when the Moon enters fiery Leo and our heart is longing for more joy, playfulness and creation.
With the constellations of the Sun we are once more connected to hard and heavy feelings connected to the past, but at the same time already in a big healing and renewal process due to the trine of Pluto ℞. It’s time to be clear where we are – at our shadows, but also our lights – in order to make big steps forward in our massive transformation journey!

TUESDAY, May 18th
Venus sextile Chiron, semisextile Uranus

This Mars Day is completely ruled by Venus, as she is creating some good and supporting energies today. With Chiron, you may feel a lot. Maybe you are even more vulnerable as usual, but the good thing is that Uranus helps us to understand our current situation so much better. Uranus is here to support us in seeing the truth and by it I mean the real truth. Your truth and this realization will help you to move forward. To feel and therefore act differently on it. Shift your thoughts and your energies and move not only inwards, but also outwards. Get into movement, the Moon in Leo will love it!

First Quarter Moon in Leo
Moon enters Virgo

Today we enter the first Quarter of our new Moon Cycle what also means: Only one week to go until Eclipse Season and therefore also registering for my Mission & Biz Masterclass 2021! Use this Quarter Moon to empower self confidence and unconditional faith and trust in yourself. And do so, by envisioning the majestic vibes of a true Leo Queen!
In the evening the Moon will leave Leo to enter realistic and smart Virgo. The next days will be perfect for organizing, planning and bringing some clarity back in our mind, heart and outer space!

THURSDAY, May 20th
Venus trine Saturn
Sun enters Gemini

While this Jupiter Day is still mostly in Taurus energy, it will shift massively with the evening when the Sun enters curious and funny Gemini, Queen of connecting, multitasking and loads of WhatsApp messages!
The general energy shifts into a more light and easy one – still the pre-shadow of Eclipse Season is already around, so this Gemini Season will be definitely a bit different than usual. But I guess every Season of the last 1,6 years is due to the Stars and their reaction to our world differently from what we are used to, so we will rock this one again! And the Sun trining Saturn supports us in finding new ways, ideas and structures for the time ahead!

FRIDAY, May 21st
Sun square Jupiter

On this Venus day the Sun, our essence, gets into a tension with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. You may feel a desire to expand massively within your vision and mission, but at the same time you experience difficulties in totally getting there.
There are two options on how to react to it. Either you get limited or motivated by this situation. Choose the second one and take your current situation as your energy boost to even wanting it more and therefore doing everything that is needed to actually achieve it! It’s on you, you are the creator of your life!

SATURDAY, May 22nd
Moon enters Libra

This weekend is ruled by airy and harmonious Libra, so make yourself ready for a lovely weekend ahead! If you can meet up with your loved ones, do so, as the Moon in Libra is yearning for warm-hearted but also smart and witty conversations. Do everything that not only fulfills your heart and soul, but also your mind. Read an inspiring book, get into art and aesthetics, eat healthy and delicious food, make art, make love and allow yourself to also put yourself first by listening to your soul desires!

SUNDAY, May 23rd
Mercury square Neptune
Saturn ℞ in Aquarius

Well Babes, today is the day. Saturn is starting to wander retrograde to explore and recreate some wonderful soul journeys for your future. But first it’s time to wander inwards to understand where you are coming from, where you are right now and where you truly want and have to go!
If you feel like you want to do some karma and past life healing, now is the time to do so. If you feel like specific structures and ways of living don’t fit into the new concept anymore, now is the time to rework and recreate all of them. And nothing has to be changed or healed within today, Saturn will be retrograde until October 11th!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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