MASSIVE CHANGES: May 24th - 30th - Lori Haberkorn

MASSIVE CHANGES: May 24th – 30th

Welcome to the new week, Moon Babe! Are you ready for the total lunar eclipse and Mercury ℞ to come? To be honest: I am NOT! But still felt the pre-shadows of both events massively within the last week. So let’s fasten our seat belts, as this week is inviting a completely new energy field, and we are allowed to use the beginning of it to best prepare for all the big transformations and changes to come!
Also, a quick reminder: If you want to be part of our Mission & Biz Masterclass 2021 – this is the last chance to register, as the doors close with the upcoming eclipse.

Adventurous new week! You got this!

MONDAY, May 24th
Moon enters Scorpio
Venus semisextile Mars

The Moon is entering deep, emotional Scorpio today – the best energy to already prepare ourselves for the major eclipse cycle to come. As Scorpio energy is here to dive deep into our inner world, it’s time to become aware of what wants to be healed in order to create a big inner and outer transformation. And this is also what will subconsciously happen during eclipse season. 
When Venus connects with Mars around lunchtime, a sparkling vibe of joy and passion is in the air. Get in contact with everyone and everything you love and see what will be created out of it!

TUESDAY, May 25th
Sun semisquare Mars

The Moon is getting fuller and the energies are getting more loaded. Today you may experience some energy challenges, as when you are connected to the universe you not only feel the eclipse to come but also the Sun semisquaring Mars. There is restless energy in the air and things may work out differently than how we wish them to do. Allow yourself more rest and know that you don’t have to act now, even if you want to. Some decisions are better made when you’re back in your center again.

Moon enters Sagittarius
Total Lunar Eclipse at 5°26’ in Sagittarius, 13:13 Berlin time

Well, I guess today is the day. We are starting eclipse season that will last for about one month and is filled with unexpected changes, a lot of soul work, shadows and a transformation, and a new path that is created out of it.
If you want to do a releasing and burning ritual at this blood moon, that is once more connected with your limiting belief pattern especially when it comes to following your soul path and mission, do so. I personally don’t do too much magic within eclipses since it will turn out differently anyways, as it’s now on the universe to take all further steps. We are allowed to let go of control in order to empower strong faith in ourselves and the universal support.

Also don’t forget:
Today is the last chance to register for my Mission & Biz Masterclass 2021 of building a business out of your precious ideas and visions! This one will be the only one in German, so if you hear this call – take it, as the next Mission & Biz Masterclass 2022 will be in English!
Excited to go on this new, succesful and fulfilling adventure together with you!

THURSDAY, May 27th
Venus square Neptune

After the big eclipse and the Moon being in adventurous Sagittarius, Venus squares Neptune and is therefore creating energy of desire and longing. Maybe you feel tired. Tired of so many things and wish to finally connect, enjoy and create the wonderful life with your loved ones again, that you so long for. Don’t let yourself dive into the ocean of self-pity and the state of faint, as you can change this situation! Maybe not exactly how you wish to, but let’s take one step after the other, and as long as you see the greater picture, you can also achieve it!

FRIDAY, May 28th
Moon enters Capricorn

In the early morning hours, the Moon enters earthy and grounded Capricorn and within this, we also find more stability and focus within our feelings. The Capricorn Moon supports us in centering our soul and getting back to the essence again. It’s a great day to create a survey of your current state, to be honest to yourself and realistic in what’s possible and what’s not. If you have to make important decisions, better do it today or tomorrow, because we are slowly entering Mercury ℞.

SATURDAY, May 29th
Mercury conjunct Venus

Right before becoming retrograde, Mercury aligns with Venus, creating a perfect possibility to speak straight out of your heart. Our mind is seeking beauty, harmony, and love, so if you want to resolve any issues concerning who and what you love before Mercury ℞ – do it now! 
Create clarity in your mind and soul and keep your heart open for new ways of involving, experiences and realizations.

SUNDAY, May 30th
Mercury ℞ in Gemini
Moon enters Aquarius

It’s THAT day again. Mercury ℞! We all know it, we all fear it and we all are happy when it’s over again. I already experienced several Mercury ℞ issues in its pre-shadow phase of my fire alarm going on, again and again, black streams on the computer and co. So all of these electronic issues can pop up again, as well as misunderstandings in our communication. But the good thing is, that Mercury ℞ in Gemini allows us to perceive and understand the information from a different perspective. So what you are allowed to do until July 11th is to rethink, review and re-edit all of your current visions, planings, projects, and thoughts, and after this pause, you will build the exact creation out of it, that is the best for you and your future!
So let’s stay grounded and steady in this big week of changes! 
You got this and I am happy to serve you best within all of these processes!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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