SOUL FOOD, EXES & DEEP SHIT: May 31st - June 6th - Lori Haberkorn

SOUL FOOD, EXES & DEEP SHIT: May 31st – June 6th

What a week we had. The eclipse shadow is already around and Mercury ℞ is going strong as well. Better save all your data and be ready when your exes arrive in your inbox. J. Lo, Ben Affleck, and P. Diddy proved Mercury ℞ right. So better watch out.
This week we have the last Quarter Moon in Pisces before heading into next week’s Solar Eclipse in Gemini. And with the weekend we find Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. There are definitely some power struggles around, so let’s prepare ourselves for everything to come!

MONDAY, May 31st
Mars trine Neptune
Venus semisquare Uranus

How are you feeling after last week? Is your headache already gone and do you find yourself back in more power? If yes, perfect! If not, it’s fine as well – this is completely normal during eclipses as a big transformation in body, mind and soul is going on.
This week starts with a motivated and energized atmosphere when Mars is in trine to Neptune. Connect with your higher vision and bring it into movement. Allow yourself also to do something new and different today to bring a new zest into your life!

TUESDAY, June 1st
Moon enters Pisces

Today the Moon enters Pisces and we seek more silence and creativity to fulfil our heart with new energies. Use this day to wander inwards, to calm down and to align with your core essence. The Moon is also preparing herself for her last Quarter already, so take it easy the following days. Right now it’s not about getting into new projects, new work, but more about realizing where you are and what you can create out of it.

Mercury ℞ semisextile Mars
Last Quarter Moon in Pisces
Venus enters Cancer
Sun sextile Chiron, semisextile Uranus

The Universe is creating a party today and we may feel all kinds of emotions today. Although Quarter Moons are nearly almost not the easiest Moon phases, allow yourself to make it easier for yourself. Let go of what is blocking you from healing and growing and make it as comfortable as possible. What can you do to nurture your soul?
Venus in Cancer truly wants to be seen, heard, held, and felt. So bring your soul back home to its center, nurture your body not only with soul food but practice self-care and self-love and see your inner growth until Venus is entering Leo later this month on June 27th.

THURSDAY, June 3rd
Moon enters Aries
Sun trine Saturn ℞

This Jupiter Day is mostly still in the Pisces Quarter Moon energy until the Moon is leaving it to enter Aries in the evening hours. With this, we also find more motivation and energy as well and when the Sun is trining Saturn ℞ we find ourselves in a beautiful momentum of manifesting new opportunities. This is a great chance of making commitments to yourself and knowing that you got this! Whatever you are aspiring right now, it is already yours. Build faith and trust and give it time to reveal in your life.

FRIDAY, June 4th
Venus trine Jupiter

This Venus Day is a good one. Although you might already feel tomorrow’s opposition of Mars and Pluto to come. However, enjoy this day that is ruled by Venus and Jupiter at its best. Get into everything that expands your soul connections, meet up with the ones you love, share your visions and wishes and see what will be created out of you. When Venus aligns with Jupiter, the Goddess of Luck is definitely right at yours so get into it and enjoy!

SATURDAY, June 5th
Mercury ℞ square Neptune
Mars opposite Pluto ℞

Today a tension is in the air and you may experience it to the bone. Mercury ℞ squaring Neptune creates confusion and delusion and we may not see what’s true and what’s not. And then there is Mars, our highly activated fireball, being in opposition to Pluto, the planet of deconstruction and transformation – well, what shall I say? Better watch out!
Both of the planets are such ambitious and powerful warrior planets and when being in tension with each other, we are allowed to focus even more on all of our actions. Know that aggression and restlessness are in the air and decided to be the one that stays calm and patient. Don’t get into the war of emotions, but find your center and peace.

SUNDAY, June 6th
Moon enters Taurus

You will feel yesterday’s energy load of Mars and Pluto as well today and the following days. So also do your best today to ground yourself into your own truth. The Moon in Taurus will help massively by doing that. Move your body and get out into nature. Enjoy the calm and beauty of pure nature and focus on what really matters. Even though emotions may be loaded, know that it will get easier soon when the major Solar Eclipse in Gemini is over and we soon find an end of Eclipse Season as well. Inhale, exhale and let’s go!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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