THE ECLIPSE WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: June 7th - June 13th - Lori Haberkorn


What a week to come, beautiful Star Lovers! This week invites one of the biggest mind shifts on a personal, but also collective level and it’s time to enter a completely new level!
Are you ready for the journey?
Then come with me, I have a lot to show you. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini with a great conjunction to Mercury, Mars entering Leo, and so much more.

On another note: I am going on holiday this week, so all your product orders will be shipped again on June 21st. You can still order my Online Courses and a few Personal Readings.

So happy new week! ENJOY and let’s get started!

MONDAY, June 7th
Moon in Taurus

This week starts softly and grounded with the Moon in Taurus and I guess it couldn’t be any better as this energy is what we need right now, especially with the upcoming airy Solar Eclipse to come, that will bring up a completely new and powerful energy. Until then, rest and connect with your roots of who you truly are and who you want to become. There is a big transformational change in the air and that will feel like a new rebirth and transition into a higher level of existing and creating.
Remember: The roots create the fruits.
So strengthen your center in order to create the most powerful shifts within and after this Eclipse Season.

TUESDAY, June 8th
Moon enters Gemini

The main energy of this day will still be in the comfy, enjoyable vibes of Taurus. So do everything that fulfills your soul, treat yourself, and practice some self-care.
With the evening, we shift into a more mind-orientated and communicative vibe, when the Moon enters multitasking and airy Gemini. The Moon in Gemini seeks soul talk in order to receive some new realizations. Share your feelings and thoughts with people you love and get inspired by their experiences. Also, practice self-talk – something I highly recommend for the upcoming Solar Eclipse as well as we have to shift our mindsets!


Today we are in the last phase of the Moon Cycle. It’s all about wandering inwards and really reflecting on the state of mind you are currently in. What are your thoughts and how are they polarized? How has this Eclipse been so far for you? How have you been? What major events or realizations have you experienced? What transitions may you experience within the whole Eclipse Season and with which topics are they connected?
Already get into tomorrow’s New Moon Solar Eclipse energy and take it easy today.

THURSDAY, June 10th
Solar Eclipse at 19°47` in Gemini, 12:53 Berlin time
Mercury ℞ conjunction Sun & Moon
Sun, Moon & Mercury ℞ square Neptun

Today is the day. We experience the powerful Solar Eclipse in mutable air sign Gemini, which invites a new journey of a massive mind transformation that wants us to grow into our soul purpose. Why? This Solar Eclipse is created next to our North Node in Gemini that symbolizes the new energy we have to grow into, our destiny in order to live our emotionally most fulfilled life. On another note, this New Moon is created in conjunction with Mercury. Our mind, the way we think and communicate and therefore create our life wants to be shifted into a completely new level – collectively and individually. Use your imagination and receive massive downloads through meditation. Don’t create a New Moon Manifesting Ritual though, as we are still in the shadow! For more info head to happinez as you find a complete article written by me on that topic! (Note: This article will only go online with Thursday, June 10th.)

FRIDAY, June 11th
Merkur ℞ conjunct Sun
Mars enters Leo
Moon enters Leo

How has your Solar Eclipse been so far? Allow the next weeks to experience the shift in your body, mind, and soul and be open to everything the universe is offering right now. These are signs of the universe to step into your fullest purpose.
You may even receive some more insights today when Mercury ℞ conjuncts the Sun.
On this day, Mars will leave emotional Cancer to enter fiery Leo, and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier, as I was super emotional over the last few weeks and now the energy is getting more playful, as well as lively and creative again. A time of enjoying life to its fullest, dancing on warm summer nights, and shining your light starts. Especially when Venus will follow soon. It’s going to be hot!
Still: The Moon will be in Cancer for the weekend, so expect it to still be filled with lots of feelings! Make them beautiful!

SATURDAY, June 12th
Venus square Chiron

Don’t get too triggered on specific occasions today. Venus squaring Chiron subconsciously opens up old painful feelings and therefore the field of old limiting patterns as well. Try to not take everything too personally and see it as an opportunity to better reflect on yourself. Why are specific things still triggering to you? Where are they coming from and what can you learn from them? Why are they happening to you now? Take it as a sign of the universe to grow. You are entering the next level, so enjoy this process of exploring, learning and healing!

SUNDAY, June 13th
Venus sextile Uranus
Moon enters Leo

Let’s get crazy today and live life at its best! With Venus sextile Uranus, be spontaneous and allow surprises of all kinds to arrive at yours! Do things differently and find pleasure in doing things for the first time. What could be yours?
In the evening the Moon enters Leo and it’s all about the true meaning of a SUNday. Being aware of the NOW and soaking up all the power of life creation. There is always something we can be massively grateful about. Don’t think about yesterday, nor tomorrow. Just be in the now, practice gratitude, move your body and keep your head up to the magic of life!

See you next week, Star Lovers!

Until then: Stay weird, stay magic!

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