GET IN TO GET OUT: June 14th - June 20th - Lori Haberkorn

GET IN TO GET OUT: June 14th – June 20th

MONDAY, June 14th
Sun square Neptune
Moon in Leo

It’s Moon Day again and although we have the Moon in powerful energized Leo, ready to shine our light – take it slow and easy today. The Sun squaring Neptune is bringing dreaminess and often also confusion and delusion into our essence. And as you know, with the eclipse shadow as well as Mercury ℞ around it’s not about going outwards, but experiencing beautiful changes inwards. Still, you can use this energy as well for doing amazing intuitive, and creative work. Just keep in mind: It’s not about delivering a perfect outcome, but more about the process and journey you are creating right now.

TUESDAY, June 15th
Saturn ℞ square Uranus

Today we have the second of the three most important star events around. The second time that Saturn is squaring Uranus due to his retrograde and it’s again all about shifting from the old into the new. If we want to experience, see, feel, have a difference in our life we have to do things differently. We have to leave old patterns behind that limit us from growing into our new and most fulfilled selves. We have to let go, not only from patterns, ways of thinking and therefore feeling, objects and not infrequently also from people. Is it easy? Hell no. Is it important and does it have to be done now? Hell yes! As if not now, when? If not you, who? 

WEDNESDAY, June 16th
Mercury ℞ semisquare Mars & semisextile Venus
Moon enters Virgo

This day is completely ruled by Mercury. It’s not only the day of Mercury but also all constellations of today are connected with it. Still know that yesterday’s major constellation of Saturn and Uranus will still be around the whole of June, as it’s big and really wants to be worked through.
Today Mercury is in a soft tension to Mars, so be aware that our mind can work against our actions today. Take great care of your thoughts and whenever limiting thoughts arrive, do your best to shift them into lovely supporting ones. No limiting bullshit self-talk!
It’s gonna become easier when Mercury semisextiles Venus at night. Better implement some love vibes to yourself and others and you see how things shift into another, more beautiful direction.

THURSDAY, June 17th
Sun inconjunct Pluto

With this day we are already in the preparation for tomorrow’s first Quarter Moon in Virgo and it’s a great time to create some clarity. At home, in your working place, your connections, your to-do’s, and mostly in yourself.
These days are super mind-orientated, which can be super powerful when we start to rethink and reshift our thoughts into new and more supporting directions. However, you may also feel some pressure and the will to control your thoughts and therefore actions. If so, please remind yourself to take it easy and that nothing has to be perfect right now. In other words: It can’t be perfect right now, as this shall not be the focus. Find peace in imperfectionism and not having control of everything. Do your best to ride the wave of the universal flow and know that you will grow with it a lot!

FRIDAY, June 18th
First Quarter Moon in Virgo
Moon enters Libra

We are in the first Quarter of the new Moon Cycle which means only one week to go until Eclipse Season is over! Hooray! 
Use this Virgo Quarter Moon best, to bring some organisation back into your life. You may have already started yesterday, so great – move on. Check on your current state of where you are, how you are feeling, and what you can do to support yourself best right now. Do you need to do some specific adjustments in order to feel more secure and safe again? If yes, what are they and how can you make use of them right now?
The Moon slowly starts to leave analytic Virgo to enter lovely Libra around lunchtime. You will feel a shift into a more harmonious and easy-going energy. Practice self-love and bring some beauty into your life. Some fresh flowers can be the best sign to remind you to give yourself time for your precious body, mind & soul.

SATURDAY, June 19th
Sun semisquare Uranus

This Saturday can be full of surprises. Take them easy and with love and don’t get too nervous when things work out differently from what you’ve expected them to. See it more like a hint of the universe to bring you on the right track. Trust and enjoy the beauty of spontaneity and maybe you can even find some new realizations about yourself, your essence, and your current state. Reflecting mode is everything these days. So be aware in the now and find joy in the small things in life!

SUNDAY, June 20th
Jupiter ℞ in Pisces
Moon enters Scorpio

Around lunchtime, the Moon enters highly intuitive and emotional Scorpio and it’s the perfect energy to have a deep dive into everything you are massively passionate about.
Later on, we find Jupiter, our planet of higher philosophies, expansion, luck, and truth starting to become retrograde. So yeah, 4 out of 10 planets are retrograde now, reminding us once again: It’s not about moving forward, but about moving inward right now.
With Jupiter being retrograde it’s not about not having any luck in the following weeks anymore. It’s more about activating spirituality and creating a massive expansion in our inner universes. This is a time where you can even dive deeper into exploring and finding your higher meaning and mission in life so that you can fully live it when Jupiter is wandering forward again in the middle of October!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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