ENERGY SHIFT IN THE MAKING: June 21st - 27th - Lori Haberkorn


What an exciting week! We not only head straight into Cancer Season by celebrating the big bright feast of the summer solstice, but we also end Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season. And if this wasn’t enough we also enter Neptune Retrograde to awaken our highest self and an even stronger alignment with the universe. Wow! I don’t know how you are feeling, but I am super excited for this new week and the shift of energies to come. So let’s head into the new week by celebrating our light!

MONDAY, June 21st
Sun enters Cancer – Midsommar
Venus trine Neptune

Happy Cancer Season, beautiful Stars! Today marks not only the beginning of a new, more sensitive, and highly intuitive time quality but also the longest day of the year and therefore the brightest feast of light – summer solstice! Today is all about reflecting on your past 6 months and seeing and empowering the light within. It’s about making yourself ready for the following 6 months to come, so make a powerful burning ritual to awaken your own blazing fire within! Let go of limiting beliefs connected with the past 6 months and send your wishes for the following months through a burning ritual to the universe. Dance, have fun, and connect with your witches!
Emotional Cancer Season will thank you for it!

TUESDAY, June 22nd
Moon enters Sagittarius

On this Mars Day, the Moon enters Sagittarius, so we find ourselves in a more fiery energy again. Use this energy to explore your horizons and broaden your mind. We are in the last days of Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season, so it’s about making yourself ready for everything that is allowed to be created afterwards again. See beyond and allow yourself to envision yourself in your highest self. Get into spiritual practices, connect with like-minded people and go with the flow!

WEDNESDAY, June 23rd
Sun trine Jupiter
Mercury direct in Gemini

Hell yeah! Mercury ℞ is over! I don’t know how you’ve been during Mercury ℞, but I was challenged A LOT! Massive delays, train cancellations, 3 broken hard drives, mistakes in documents, and it goes on and on … For me personally, this was one of the hardest Mercury ℞, as it was also connected to Eclipse Season, so I am over-excited for a more easy-going time to come! Also, the sun trines Jupiter today, so whatever opportunities are coming your way – GO FOR IT! And remember: Decisions and big investments are allowed to be done and we can also think clearly and plan forward again!
If you still feel tired or stressed out – it will get better after tomorrow’s Full Moon in Capricorn.

THURSDAY, June 24th
Venus opposition Pluto ℞
Saturn ℞ sextile Chiron
Moon enters Capricorn to create a Full Moon at 3°27’ in Capricorn

Today feels super different from yesterday (or you may have already felt it yesterday as well). We not only heading straight up to a Capricorn Full Moon, that finally ends Eclipse Season, but we also have Venus being in opposition to Pluto ℞. This is usually not the easiest constellation, as a big tension is in the air. Take great care of yourself, your loved ones, and everything you love, and choose love over fear. Sometimes we have to take responsibility for our limiting world to not stop growing. Let it go with a bright and powerful burning ritual, by burning all your fears and limiting belief patterns that stop you from being your own leader and getting into your biggest long-term visions.

FRIDAY, June 25th
Neptune ℞ in Pisces

How was your Full Moon in Capricorn and how do you feel after releasing all your fears in the burning light of your visions?
Eclipse Season is over so take a deep breath first.
Today we find another planet starting its Retrograde and it’s Neptune, our planet of mysticism, spirituality, and higher visions. When Neptune is Retrograde it’s all about activating an even stronger bond to the energies of the universe as well as your higher self and this until December 1st. So this sounds great, right? But also keep in mind that it’s about finding clarity in what’s real and what’s an illusion. Activate your intuition, your faith, and your higher self and you will find your truth.

SATURDAY, June 26th
Moon enters Aquarius

If you haven’t created your Full Moon Burning Ritual yet, today is the last day to do so. Create it ideally before 2 PM, as the Moon is slowly leaving Capricorn to enter intellectual Aquarius. When this happens the energy is getting more uplifting for the weekend again and it’s all about connecting with your community, having expanding, inspiring conversations that bring new perspectives and ideas, and giving yourself some freedom to enjoy life. Remind yourself of everything that you do, that it’s about your individual needs and visions and that you are safe to go your own way!

SUNDAY, June 27th
Venus enters Leo

With this heartwarming Sun Day, a fiery Season of Mars and now as well Venus being in Leo starts! This marks a loving and enjoyable time of celebrating life and love and living life at its best! It’s about becoming aware of the now and making life more easy and playful. Do not think too much about yesterday, nor tomorrow but enjoy especially until July 21st the time with your loved ones and shine your light in everything that you love and create! It’s a great time for creating heart-centered visions and actually getting into action.
Together with Mars, it’s getting hot as well (especially at the beginning of July).

So this is it for now! See you next week again!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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