THE CHANGE IS ON FIRE: June 28th - July 4th - Lori Haberkorn

THE CHANGE IS ON FIRE: June 28th – July 4th

Welcome to a new week! 

How do you love the new vibe that is going on? I really adore it and although we still are allowed to grow into it, we can do a lot to make it easier. And this week is perfect for it. We have some peaks with Mars and Saturn, that might not be that easy, but it’s so important to work with them. I really think that this week brings so many beautiful energies of really working with and on ourselves to move forward. To see the truth and to take responsibility, in a playful and gentle way, as we realize that, yes – now is the time. Not tomorrow, not next week, NOW. And while standing up for oneself and making decisions is not the easiest thing to do I want you to remember: We all are going through similar experiences and stages right now and the greatest power is created, when opening up, connecting, sharing, and growing together!

MONDAY, June 28th
Moon enters Pisces

We enter this week still in weekend mode and this is good, as this weekend should have been fun, with all the rebellious and free Aquarius Moon energy around together with fiery and joyous Venus in Leo. Take this good vibe with you in this new week, by living it also on this Moon Day.
The last few weeks were crazy and pretty often super challenging. Allow it to be easy again and allow yourself to receive good moments, news, and feelings into your life! You are worth it!
In the evening the Moon wanders into spiritual, empathic Pisces. It’s a good time to do some intuitive, creative work, get into journaling or meditation.

TUESDAY, June 29th
Mercury semisquare Venus

With the Moon being in Pisces, our intuition on point. Trust your gut when it comes to something or someone you love and use your strong will and power of mind to get what you want. Know your value, speak your truth in a clear and confident state. Maybe even put some sugar on the topic, as you are here to shoot for the stars! And even though it’s often not the easiest thing to stand up for yourself and desires, today you may be major rewarded when doing so. Because who will do it, if not who?

WEDNESDAY, June 30th

Today, we do not have any major star events happening, so still get into the lovely and sensitive Pisces Moon energy, of envisioning your most ideal life, do yoga, journaling work, meditation or some crystal magic. Truly, everything that keeps you grounded in your faith and future is super helpful right now, as with tomorrow we might experience some challenging energies of Mars and Saturn. So get already into tomorrow’s star energies to best prepare yourself today for what’s coming up!

THURSDAY, July 1st
Mars opposite Saturn ℞
Moon enters Aries to create the last Quarter Moon

The first day of July starts with some power struggles and challenges to take! Mars, planet of movement and energy, is in opposition to Saturn, our great teacher and planet of boundaries and limitations. Mars is also together with Venus in Leo, where it’s all about activating and living our heart desires. But Saturn is in Aquarius, wanting us to create some new boundaries and structures for our future and higher good. You see – both are beautiful and necessary, but you might also feel the challenge of implementing both right now as we have to meet our true soul, and soul needs.

It’s not about making compromises that feel ok – it’s about making decisions that feel like a “HECK YES”! 

FRIDAY, July 2nd
Mars trine Chiron 

What did yesterday’s opposition of Mars and Saturn want you to learn? As with today you are allowed to occupy yourself with all of the subconscious triggers that have plopped up yesterday and that are connected to your individual changes that are now ready to be done. I know, I speak a lot about changes this year. But really, they have to be done this year! And I am here to remind you to really go for it, because as an Earth sign I know, that some changes need more time and a consistent reminder to really take the first step into the right direction. And as a Business and Empowerment Coach – this is what I do on a daily basis, not only for my clients, but also myself. So you got it, Babe! Believe in yourself, your wishes and decisions! 

SATURDAY, July 3rd
Moon enters Taurus

We are in the last hours of our fiery Aries Moon, before starting a weekend full of pleasure, beauty and me-time! So if you still have to organize or do some things: best do them before lunchtime, because afterwards the Moon enters lovely and artsy Taurus – aka the best self-care weekend ever is about to start! You don’t have to do too much this weekend, it’s more about really enjoying life at its best, eating good food, meeting up with your loved ones, bringing beauty in everything you do into your life and doing everything that really fulfills your heart. You are worth it. Take that time out, get that fancy dress, you feel like a goddess in, and eat that delicious vegan waffle candy ice cup with loads of peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles on the top, as again: YOU ARE WORTH IT.

SUNDAY, July 4th
Mars square Uranus
Sun inconjunct Saturn ℞, square Chiron

We still have that Taurus Moon, so not even think about NOT enjoying this Sun Day at its best!
Even though the stars and that easy-going with us, take it as a task to even implement more self-love into your day! Mars activates again the energy of doing things differently and really going for the changes the universe wants you to do this year. Maybe it’s about the small things, like your daily routine, but maybe it’s also about the big things, where you are ready to grow into your new and higher self, even though it still feels scary for you. Work on yourself and really DO IT! If we don’t, we won’t grow. It’s on you to create your life and of course, we will experience things that won’t be that easy, but if we do nothing – nothing happens and by confronting ourselves with what’s not easy, we grow and rise.

Stay weird, stay magic!

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