LET'S MANIFEST: July 5th - July 11th - Lori Haberkorn

LET’S MANIFEST: July 5th – July 11th

Wow, what a week to come! We finally start into a completely new Moon Cycle of manifesting our wildest dreams and with this New Moon, we are also allowed to let things become more light and easy. Doesn’t this sound good?
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So check it out and make yourself ready for this golden week to come!

MONDAY, July 5th
Sun sextile Uranus
Moon in Taurus

Enjoy this Taurus Moon Day at your fullest! We still are in the lovely and delightful energies of Taurus, so take it easy today! The Moon is also already in her last chapter, slowly preparing herself to become dark and quiet to be reborn into a new Moon cycle with the upcoming New Moon in Cancer at the end of the week.
Anyways, you may feel more spontaneous in the evening when the Sun in Cancer creates a beautiful connection to Uranus in Taurus. You may experience some enlightenment in your essence connected to your soul and when you feel a glimpse of possibilities and change – get into it, even though it might feel different at first! You won’t regret it!

TUESDAY, July 6th
Mercury square Neptune
Moon enters Gemini

We start this Mars Day with the Moon entering Gemini, so the universe gives us the energy of light and ease and we might seek more movement, social connection, and communication. Anyways, when Mercury squares Neptune in the morning hours, it might not be the easiest to be completely clear in the way we think and communicate. But maybe this is not what we need right now, as the universe is asking us to speak with our heart and soul.
Implement your intuition and soul guidance into everything you create, do, and communicate today and you will find a bigger fulfilment in all your achievements. 
Also if someone else has problems in finding clarity, allow them to go with the flow and read between the lines.

Venus opposite Saturn ℞, trine Chiron

The next days it’s all about Venus (although it’s a Mercury Day). First, she is in opposition to Saturn ℞, which can be felt as challenging as we feel limitation in everything and everyone we love.
Saturn being retrograde is working through several shifts, especially the last days, as remember the opposition to Mars and square to Uranus. Our values, connections, and relations are tested. How much responsibility do you take in all of these topics? How much are you on it? Is it too little or too much? What can you do to create a more supportive system for all that you love?
With all of this, you may also be connected to old patterns that are blocking you from growth again and again. It’s time to let go!

THURSDAY, July 8th
Venus square Uranus
Moon enters Cancer
Sun semisextile Mars

Have you connected with the topic of responsibility, restriction, and limiting patterns? Yes? Perfect, as with today, it’s time to create the shifting process. No? Also perfect, so let’s do it today as Uranus wants you to CHANGE!
Babe, we are starting a new Moon Manifesting cycle soon, so better prepare yourself with some good supportive energies that best nurture your body, mind, and soul.
In your current situation, how can you remain in an open-minded state to allow yourself to do things differently again and again?
Use the drive of Mars harmonizing with the Sun to move forward!

FRIDAY, July 9th
Today the Stars make a pause and that’s good. As it happened enough anyways and this is also the perfect energy to already prepare yourself for tomorrow’s New Moon to come.
The Moon already is in emotional and sensitive, funny and a bit crazy (in a good way) Cancer, and the later the day, the more we wander into the darker and feminine energies of the Moon. Resting, reflecting, releasing, and cleaning our body, mind, and soul is the vibe to go!
If you want, you can already create your New Moon Manifesting Ritual today by empowering gratitude for what you already have and planting new visions for everything you wish to enter your life within the following four weeks!

SATURDAY, July 10th
New Moon at 18°02 in Cancer, 03:17 Berlin time

Today, early in the morning, the Sun and Moon align to create a powerful New Moon in Cancer that is here to nurture our heart and soul with all the passion, time, and love we have.
We start a new Moon journey of manifesting our biggest soul desires and ONLY what really feels good. Our inner wise woman is going strong in Cancer Season and it is to her we shall listen to. So get into your true feelings and emotions – what is it that you need right now? What deep soul desire is allowed to become your reality within the following four weeks? And how can you strengthen the connection to your own roots and your intuition?
What does “home” mean for you and can you empower this feeling not only in your outer but also inner world within the next weeks?
Manifest your wildest dreams, as YES – it’s finally possible again!

SUNDAY, July 11th
Mercury enters Cancer
Moon enters Leo

In the early morning hours, the Moon is already leaving Cancer to enter fiery Leo and you will feel a powerful push to really live this Sun Day at its fullest! Venus and Mars are getting closer in Leo as well and we soo experience a firework of love, creation, and expression in the universe! The pre-energy of this is already around and wants to be celebrated massively!
Mercury is leaving Gemini to stay in Cancer for some while and therefore also the Cancer energy is receiving some cherries on the top. For the next week, our mind will be more emotion and soul orientated and we are allowed to completely be guided by our intuition and that sounds great, right?
So happy new week!

Stay weird, stay magic!

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