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Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Chiron, our wounded Healer, is now retrograde in Aries until December 19th. So if you want to work on your old wounds, childhood traumas and limiting beliefs connected to your past – this is the time to do so.

With Chiron being in Aries it’s especially about the topics of building your own identity and following your own visions. Doing your thing – no matter what. And I guess many of us are now allowed to let go of blocking thoughts, feelings and fears, especially when it comes to finally stepping into our own power and doing what we truly love. Following our soul path and not always pleasing others.

Have a talk with yourself and work through your limiting blueprint if you hear this call.

Another topic Chiron in Aries addresses that goes even deeper is about physical and personal limitations connected to past experiences of violence or sexual harassment. A collective and individual healing in these topics wants to be created by allowing yourself to once more work through your individual experiences. This area is connected with pain and it’s definitely harder to let go or even to heal. Healing is happening on many different levels and is different for each and everyone. With Chiron, this intense wound may not be healed through this lifetime, but we are allowed to slowly make peace with it. Step by step. Baby steps. For ourselves and for the collective.

So what can this Chiron retrograde mean for you? What are you allowed to let go in order to heal and follow your soul purpose?
Definitely have a look in which house 13° in Aries falls, as this is where you are allowed to heal on a personal level.

You got this babe!
xx, Lori 

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