We all are energies.
We all are the same.
We are the Universe.

My vision is to empower, support and coach women on their very own journey to their purest self, to find their mission on this planet Earth and to live a magical life, where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
Because women being back in their power will heal the world!

As we are all made out of stardust and I am a Moon Child from the very beginning, I love to work with your amazing Subconscious Mind, your Blueprint to combine it with Modern Astrology & Spirituality, Law of Attraction and Moon Magic to create THE change in your life! It not only connects you with your essence, as also with the magical higher Universe Intelligence. 

Brands who believe in me and the magic of the Universe:
Almost 30, BLONDE Magazine, Bloomon, Brigitte Magazine, co-creagency, DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN, Feel your Flow, femtastics, happinez, INFARM, Jolie, Journelles, Klambt Mediengruppe, Lina Jachmann, MADAME, MADE, Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, Minkus PR, naturmädchen, Occulture Festival, Paper & Tea, RE-NT, RHIZOM, Ryoko Berlin, Soho House, The Gap, The Wild Together and UZWEI.

My name is Lori Haberkorn and I am a Women’s Empowerment & Moon Coach. If you want some sparkling magic and most of all THE change in your life, I am so happy to connect with you. Say hi@lorihaberkorn.com or connect with me via instagram.

It’s time to rise and shine, sister!
It’s time to live YOUR life, where you are the creator of your life!

Are you ready for this journey together with me?