Modern Astrology, Women’s Empowerment & Moon Manifesting Coaching

We all are energies.
We all are made out of stardust.
We all are the Universe.

Hi, I am Lori and my Sun is in Taurus, my Moon in Aquarius and I am stepping more and more into the energy of Capricorn. Every position of my Birth Chart represents 100 % of who I am and due to this, it is the most natural and fulfilling thing for me to be a Modern Astrology & Women’s Empowerment Coach & Teacher.

I love to coach YOU, Badass Babe, to achieve all your sparkling visions! My aim is to connect you with your core essence, to find your specific & individual qualities – your mission in life. It’s time to finally step into your full potential to make THE magical, beautiful change in your life! Love, peace, wealth, alignment? EVERYTHING is possible and ready for you to receive.

Every woman has a mission here in life. Mine is to be a Modern Mystic and to inspire and support women to find their true, golden meaning in life. Because women being back in their power will heal the world!

So let’s fly high, grow brighter and bigger & reach the stars!

Brands who believe in me
and the magic of the Universe:

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You’re an ambitious, sensitive, strong, badass Babe with a burning desire to transform your vision into reality. And you don’t want to waste any more time, as time is precious and you want to step into your vision now, right?

I got you babe, and I am excited to consult and coach you to the highest levels and enlighten your individual golden, elemental power!

Are you ready for this journey with me?