The Golden Circle Rituals are born out of my own spiritual journey of seeking for a deeper meaning in life and like minded women.
So I created my Rituals and Gatherings to empower, support and coach women on their own journey to their purest self, to reconnect with mother nature and universe energies to learn, grow and flow with them.

Therefore I offer Personal Guidance, Birth Chart Readings, Moon Manifesting Coaching, Online Group Moon CoursesTarot Reading as also different Women Circles & Workshops. For this I create sacred spaces to reawake your elemental power, your inner wise woman, that already lives deep down in yourself.
As it is finally time to listen to our own intuition and to live in our true power. It is time to rise and shine, to grow and heal together.

I take you back to the universe, I take you back to yourself.

Latest worked with:
BLONDE Magazine, Bloomon, co-creagency, DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN, femtastics, INFARM, Jolie, Journelles, Klambt Mediengruppe, MAATÏ MAATÏ, Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, Minkus PR, naturmädchen, Occulture Festival, Paper & Tea, RE-NT, Ryoko Berlin, Soho House, The Gap and UZWEI.

My name is Lori Haberkorn and if you feel the need, to reconnect with your tribe, your sisters and mother nature, the moon and for the most important, with yourself, or if you have any questions, feel free to say hi@lorihaberkorn.com. We can also connect via instagram.

I am happy to accompany you on your journey to yourself and I am excited to create magic together. It’s time to rise and shine.

Are you ready for this beautiful adventure?