Astrologer & Biz Mentor

Lori Haberkorn is an Astrologer and Women’s Business Mentor of the new era and yes, this is also written in her stars. As a Capricorn rising, finding her purpose aka Medium Coeli within Scorpio connecting with Pluto to the 10th house – to be a Modern Mystic and helping others to transform their life and business into a fulfilling and successful one is 100% her very own mission.

As a Modern Mystic, she inspires her community with astrological wisdom, practical and spiritual tools and lots of empowerment and motivation to create major changes and shifts in their life. Lori already supported over 1000 private clients on their very own journey back to their essence and forward into their purpose and fulfilment, and also works with several high end international business partners to bring consciousness and fulfilment to a bigger audience.

She also is the author of the new golden Moon Manifesting Book “Die goldene Magie der Mondin – Wie du mit ihrer Kraft all deine Ziele erreichst”, represented by Ullstein Buch Verlage.

Lori is passionate about all things mysticism, astrology, female empowerment, manifestation, wealth and abundance, successful conscious business building and creating the life we aspire and are here to live in.

So if you are looking for an astrologer or a mentor that is teaching you with a deep grounding foundation, but also mentoring you on a high spiritual level – Lori is your Babe to go!

Brands who believe in me
and the magic of the Universe:

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You’re an ambitious, sensitive, strong, badass Babe with a burning desire to transform your vision into reality. And you don’t want to waste any more time, as time is precious and you want to step into your vision now, right?

I got you babe, and I am excited to consult and coach you to the highest levels and enlighten your individual golden, elemental power!

Are you ready for this journey with me?

Let’s get in touch and create magic!

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