Modern Astrology
& Coaching for Business

For Brands, Magazines, Shops & Co

If you want to connect your Brand with modern Spirituality, Mindfulness and a big overload of sensitive strong Fem-Power, I am very happy to create some golden magic with you!
I love to pop up at Modern Mystic at events to create some Live Tarot Readings, but I can also be your badass empowering and motivational Speaker, setting off some major enlightenment by giving your inspiring Talks, Lessons, or even Workshops. And if you want to astrological input: I am also writing & recording empowering Horoscopes.

My magical Offerings for you:
Mindset & Astro Talks
Lessons & Workshops
Live Tarot Reading
Content Creation
Brand Ambassador
Conscious Texting
Writing Horoscopes

For Business

Give and Receive.

I deeply believe in the universal law of giving to others to receive in return. And mostly it comes even bigger and greater in return. I love to coach your Team Leaders, as well as the whole team by weekly motivational Consulting & Mentoring and providing them weekly meditation to focus on the main core of the week. I also love to pop up in the morning or in breaks to create a sacred pace for you and you and your employees to use their time wisely by calming down and empowering them to create a meaningful impact.

Team Leader & Business Coaching
Weekly Team Meditation & Coaching
Astrological Business Coaching
Sacred Space Creation
Conscious Writing

Magic for sparkling Brands

Brands who believe in me
and the magic of the Universe:

Almost 30, Another Me, ARD, BLONDE Magazine, Bloomon, Brigitte Magazine, co-creagency, COSMOPOLITAN, Couch Magazine, DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN, ELIZA WEISS, ELLE Magazine, Feel your Flow, femtastics, Freundin, reiraum, Fvck Lucky Go Happy, Gala Magazine, Gitti, Grazia Magazine, happinez Magazine, HER KLUB, INFARM, InStyle Magazine, Jolie, Journelles, Klambt Mediengruppe, Lina Jachmann, MADAME,, Maanesten, Matcha Mornings, Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, Minkus PR, Mit Vergnügen, My Little Box, myself Magazine, naturmädchen, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, NYLON Magazine, Occulture Festival, OhhhMhhh, Paper & Tea, RA MA Institute, RE-NT, Ryoko Berlin, Sylvie Eder, Soho House, SOUL-SISTER Magazin by Women’s Health, SIXX, SUNDAY natural, Tarik Tesfu, The Gap, The Kyoo, The Wild Together, tinder, Ullstein Buchverlage and UZWEI.

All of my Services are in German and English.
Let’s create some magical projects together!
Say and I am excited to bring mystical magic into your vision!