Modern Astrology
& Coaching for Business

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If you want to connect your Brand with modern Spirituality, Mindfulness and a big overload of sensitive strong Fem-Power, I am very happy to create some golden magic with you!
I love to pop up at Modern Mystic at events to create some Live Tarot Readings, but I can also be your badass empowering and motivational Speaker, setting off some major enlightenment by giving your inspiring Talks, Lessons, or even Workshops. And if you want to astrological input: I am also writing & recording empowering Horoscopes.

My magical Offerings for you:
Mindset & Astro Talks
Lessons & Workshops
Live Tarot Reading
Content Creation
Brand Ambassador
Mindful Writing

For Business

Give and Receive.

I deeply believe in the universal law of giving to others to receive in return. And mostly it comes even bigger and greater in return. I love to coach your Team Leaders, as well as the whole team by weekly motivational Consulting & Mentoring and providing them weekly meditation to focus on the main core of the week. I also love to pop up in the morning or in breaks to create a sacred pace for you and you and your employees to use their time wisely by calming down and empowering them to create a meaningful impact.

Team Leader & Business Coaching
Weekly Team Meditation & Coaching
Sacred Space Creation
Mindful Writing

Magic for sparkling Brands

Let’s create some magical projects together