I support and guide women on their individual journey back to their original self. My aim is to work on the purity of the essence of your being and to create a space, where your can truly be yourself, where we can discover your real mission of life. I take you back to what really matters, to your own magikal power. Therefor I work with mother nature, like her elements, flowers and crystals and I also love to guide with tarot reading and sounds. I prefer to do a longer personal 1:1 guidance with 6 meetings in the period of 3 months, but I also do single guidance on smaller topics.

1 Hour of personal 1:1 Coaching is about 100 EUR, including support via email before and after our special meetings. It is 640 EUR for the intense 3 months guidance, with connecting twice a month for one hour and also with email support before and after our rituals. I am also happy to guide you via Zoom Video Call, if you don’t live in Berlin. If you want to take the first steps of changing your life completely, I am happy to start this journey with you!


As you can find so much wisdom in the words of the holy tarot, I use the cards of tarot for letting you answering your question by your own intuition, yourself. During my tarot reading I create a sacred space for you to open up, I am making an individual ritual that empowers your question and I guide you to work with your answer. After the reading you also get a digital document with the meaning of your tarot card and a guidance through my words and photos of our common ritual.

The Tarot Reading starts with a One Card Guidance at 80 EUR. The Three Cards Reading goes up to 120 EUR, containing an overview of the past and the future. The Great Tarot Reading is about 180 EUR and tells you the truth of your actions, feelings and outer attitude of the past, the now and the future with 7 magikal helping cards.

I also create individual Readings, so if you hear this call I am happy to help you through the guiding cards!


Every moon has her own power, her own different characters and energies. Therefore every moon has her own ruling goddess, to learn and grow with. 13 powerful goddesses for 13 specific moons. 
The Ruling Goddess Circle is a lesson about the current moon goddess combined with a grounding meditation, to arise in her vitality and vigor by manifesting with an ending ritual. 

In this Ruling Goddess Circle you are invited to explore the depth of the current moon and her goddess, her nearly forgotten story and her energy. You are allowed to hear, feel and learn from her magik to rise and shine with her in your own power.

Excited to connect with you and the moon goddess!
Expect it to be sensitive wild!


The moon always accompanies us, she leads us with her knowledge of light and dark through all types of feeling and helps us in every phase of our lives. With her we manifest our deepest longings, let go of the past and be reborn again out of the powerful white light of determination.

Once a month we meet at new moon for making new beginnings by reflecting and cleaning our last month, letting go and thanking our beloved ones and manifesting our wishes for the next month. We create a sacred space to grow. And then we meet again at full moon to reconnect with the different magikal goddesses of mother moon. To step into her power and to highly manifest our wishes for let them come to an end, just to regrow again. The moon circle can be hold as a 1:1 ritual, as also as a gathering with your tribe.

The individual one hour 1:1 moon ritual is about 250 EUR. I will guide you with all the different energies of the planets and especially of the moon to your specific topic, create a meditation as also a ritual for you.
If you want to live with the circle of the moon, I am happy to accompany you on your moon journey!


Support, thank and learn from your sisters. As it is in our nature to live in tribes, to learn and grow from each other, to unconditionally love and support each other, it’s time to return back to the intense power of sisterhood. The time we realize, that there aren’t no boundaries, that we all are the same, nature, and that everything is connected – always was, always will – our lives changes completely.

Together with our sisters, we create a magikal place to reconnect with our feminine power to bloom and grow together. The Sisterhood Gathering contains a nature ritual, the empowering of the three different parts of being a women and an inspiring exchange with the beautiful feminine tribe.

The sisterhood gathering takes one and a half hour with an open end, as I know we all love to talk about the intense power of universe… Also worldwide sisterhood gatherings are available via skype, so if you are interested in joining in, let me know and we rise and shine bright together! Let’s start this journey together!