The moon always accompanies us, she leads us with her knowledge of light and dark through all types of feeling and helps us in every phase of our lives. With her we manifest our deepest longings, let go of the past and be reborn again out of the powerful white light of determination.

Once a month we meet at new moon for making new beginnings by reflecting and cleaning our last month, letting go and thanking our beloved ones and manifesting our wishes for the next month. We create a sacred space to grow. And then we meet again at full moon to reconnect with the different magikal goddesses of mother moon. To step into her power and to highly manifest our wishes for let them come to an end, just to regrow again. The moon circle can be hold as a 1:1 ritual, as also as a gathering with your tribe.

The individual one hour 1:1 moon ritual is about 250 EUR. I will guide you with all the different energies of the planets and especially of the moon to your specific topic, create a meditation as also a ritual for you.
If you want to live with the circle of the moon, I am happy to accompany you on your moon journey!