Support, thank and learn from your sisters. As it is in our nature to live in tribes, to learn and grow from each other, to unconditionally love and support each other, it’s time to return back to the intense power of sisterhood. The time we realize, that there aren’t no boundaries, that we all are the same, nature, and that everything is connected – always was, always will – our lives changes completely.

Together with our sisters, we create a magikal place to reconnect with our feminine power to bloom and grow together. The Sisterhood Gathering contains a nature ritual, the empowering of the three different parts of being a women and an inspiring exchange with the beautiful feminine tribe.

The sisterhood gathering takes one and a half hour with an open end, as I know we all love to talk about the intense power of universe… Also worldwide sisterhood gatherings are available via skype, so if you are interested in joining in, let me know and we rise and shine bright together! Let’s start this journey together!