LIONS GATE NEW MOON: August 02nd - 08th - Lori Haberkorn

LIONS GATE NEW MOON: August 02nd – 08th

If you are into the manifestation game – this may be your favorite week as we have the most powerful and abundant New Moon in Leo to come. What makes her so special? She will be created at 8-8 – Lions Gate by making a conjunction to our bright Star Sirius that opens up all portals of manifesting our wildest and most beautiful adventures into our life.

The days ahead prepare us for exactly this day. It’s a lot about wandering inwards and reflecting on where you are and where you want to go. And with Uranus playing strong within the whole week, also expect some surprises, changes, and shifts to come within your plans.

With this said, happy new week! Make it golden, Moon Babe!

MONDAY, August 02nd
Sun opposite Saturn ℞
Moon enters Gemini

New Week in Leo Season and we start it with the Moon entering quirky and smart Gemini. After having a weekend full of abundant Taurus vibes, enjoying life at its fullest, we are heading back into a more reflected and mind-orientated energy. And it might not be the easiest as first things first: We are in the last week of the Moon Cycle, which is connected with wandering inwards, focusing on your soul desires, and getting into reflecting mode. But we also have the Sun opposing Saturn ℞ that often brings of the topic of dealing with our own independence, responsibilities, and challenges. The universe slowly wants you to get back on your track. What do you want to achieve within this week and what are your plans for the following Cycle?

TUESDAY, August 03rd
Mercury trine Chiron
Venus trine Uranus
Moon conjunct Lilith

Today the Stars are aligned. Mercury is in trine to Chiron and allows us to experience healing through all of our mental processes. Remember: The Moon in Gemini wants us to reflect on our current situation, on what we’ve already achieved, and where we want to go.
And Venus is aligned with Uranus, so our heart is calling for change. To take spontaneously or surprisingly action forward, that may not make any sense in a common way, but just feel 100% RIGHT! Be scared, but do it anyway! So if you want to make heart decisions, do it today, as with tomorrow we might focus again more on our mind than our soul!

WEDNESDAY, August 04th
Mercury square Uranus

As I already said yesterday: today may not be the easiest when it comes to making exact plans or decisions. Mercury is in tension with Uranus, our great enlightener, that not seldom also reveals itself by bringing abrupt changes into our life. It’s also loaded with electric energy that is now feelable within our minds. So if you feel restless, unrelaxed, or out of order today – know it will get better as Mercury is moving forward and with this, it’s getting easier. Still, allow yourself to just calm down. Drink lots of water, tea, head into meditation, or do some breathwork. Everything that brings clarity and calmness back into your mind is now happily welcomed!

THURSDAY, August 05th
Sun trine Chiron
Mercury semisextile Venus
Moon enters Cancer

The Moon already is in her last phase, preparing herself for the upcoming New Moon in Leo to come. She just entered highly sensitive and intuitive Cancer and this is a great time to wander inwards and listen to what your inner wise woman is wanting you to see right now.
Today we can heal the tension of yesterday by connecting our mind with our heart and we can also create a better connection and sort of healing on many subconscious and conscious levels by just being present in the now.
What can you do today that makes you feel better tomorrow?
Do that and gift yourself with self-love, extra care, and lovely mirror work words!

FRIDAY, August 06th

Today we have no specific star event happening but a big Moon Void that invites you to get into everything creative and intuitive. Like cooking, painting, meditating, singing, dancing, creating ritual magic, working on your vision board, building castles in the clouds, and so on.
It’s not the best day to completely empower your Yang, male, strong, loud, and powerful energies that are also connected with performing on a certain level. It’s more about appreciating and dancing with our Yin. Play with her, love her, and see what will be created out of it!

SATURDAY, August 07th
Sun square Uranus
Moon enters Leo

We are preparing for the powerful New Moon and Lions Gate to come!
The Moon is entering fiery and playful Leo and we are also heading into the most Yin energy as the Moon is ending one chapter to start a new one.
Again: Plan your day with opportunities for spontaneous changes as the Sun is squaring Uranus and allow yourself to go with the flow.
If you already want to create a New Moon Ritual you can do so, but keep in mind that tomorrow is even more powerful in terms of manifesting and connecting with higher universe energies! So happy weekend, Moon Babe!

SUNDAY, August 08th
Lions Gate
Mercury inconjunct Neptune ℞
New Moon at 16°14` in Leo, 03:50 PM Berlin time

Today is the day. It’s not only the golden and powerful Lions Gate of 8-8. This is when the Sun conjuncts bright and shiny Sirius and with this year, we also have the Moon on herself creating a New Moon conjunction with Sirius that opens up ALL portals of manifestation and abundance! If you are into the amazing manifestation game – this may be your favorite day of the year! So do everything that already gets you into your sparkling future energies, create a New Moon Manifestation Ritual, and dance with your sisters around the fire of life!
This day is IT – so make it powerful, special, and golden!

So have a wonderful new week, shining Star!
And never forget: stay magic, stay weird!

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