Your ultimate Astro & Mindset Membership – THE MOONIVERSE CLUB!
The MOONIVERSE is a Private Member’s Club, where I give special Extra Content to the current formation of the planets and how to use this energy to manifest and work on your big vision. But I also create Astro & Mindset Teaching Videos for you and all my Members will also have access to my secret instagram page where we also connect personally and where you can ask me everything I want to know.
You also receive weekly Horoscopes and once a month we all meet via a monthly MOONIVERSE Community Call to check up where you are, where you would love to receive some help and to answer your individual questions live.

The MOONIVERSE CLUB is a place of constantly learning & growing and connecting with like-minded women who are on the same journey to make their amazing, golden wishes coming true!

Who is this Membership for?
Every woman who wants some support on her journey of getting to know herself better and learning about the big wide universe. How everything is connected and how to use the current time energies of the planets wisely to manifest her wildest wishes! This Club is for beginners as well as for deep Astrology lovers!

What you receive:
Weekly Horoscope
1 New Moon & 1 Full Moon Guide, each including 2 Podcasts, Tarot Reading & Ritual Tools
1 Monthly Astro Teaching Video
1 Monthly Live Community Call Meet Up
Community of like-minded, inspiring women
Access to our secret Community WhatsApp Group

When can I join in?
The entry of the Mooniverse Club is for now closed and will open in 2021 again for you to bring even more magic and growth into your life!

WOW! Does that sound good?
Yes, of course it does!

So join us in our magical Universe and become one of our beloved MOON BABES!
We are all on this journey together and when women support women – TRUE MAGIC HAPPEN!

We are the daughters of the witches you didn’t burn!