Your Masterclass to find your golden Soul Path and to step into your power to transform it into your Conscious Business!

We all are here for a reason.

We all carry specific qualities within that want to be shared with the world in order to create magic.

We all are here to live in fulfillment, joy and abundance!

Mission & Biz

I am so excited to share my new Masterclass on how to find your golden Soul Path in order to step into your power and transform your vision into your Conscious Business with you!

This Masterclass is created straight out of my essence, out of my life purpose as I am here to guide you best to find and create your very own fulfilment here in life!
And this through living your soul purpose and building your very own Conscious Business!


  • I built my business from zero to LAUNCH within 2 months, getting my first big and well paid international business client after 10 days of launching.
  • I built a profitable business within 3 months without any sponsor or investor, I did everything on my own.
  •  Within 7 months I was able to pay my first employee and got my first book contract.
  •  I scaled within 18 months into a very successful 6-figures business, got TV appearance and was able to hire two more team members.
  •  Now I earn more than enough money with my constantly growing several 6-figures business that I can invest in myself and in other projects, that are true to my values and that I love.


And all of this is still growing …

What will you learn?



This Masterclass includes:

7 Modules with several pre-recorded videos and 8 Group-Live Sessions with Q&A of exploring your soul, your essence, your blueprint, your true visions towards the transformation of your soul into your essence. I want you to transform your vision into your mission in order to create your very own Conscious Business out of it. As guess what: Women back in their power will heal the world and this my drive.

For this, you also receive within 4 months the essentials on how to actually build up your business in order to already start sharing your vision with your community and to get started!

Also 4 Special Guest Teachers will take part in our modules to share their specific wisdom with you!

This Masterclass is in GERMAN!


These 7 Modules include:

In this first module we dive into your Birth Chart to read the codes of your very own qualities and purpose here in life. You will receive your very own digital cosmic Blueprint of your life purpose and I teach you how to work with it.

On top you will also get to know your blueprint of your Human Design and one of our guest teachers will guide you through the purpose and mission of your very own design type.


What you receive on top:

  • Your digital cosmic blueprint of your Birth Chart individually created for you by Lori Haberkorn
  • Astrological insights on how to work with your Birth Chart
  • 1 Hour Human Design Lesson by one of my favorite Human Design Teachers

In this second module we get to know your essence based on all of your experiences and current life situation. We gather all of your knowledge of the first module with your interests, your knowledge, experiences, qualities, strengths, but also challenges and duties of life.

I get with you to your true essence, not only in the field of what you aspire to do professionally, but I want to get to know YOU. Your most honest and purest essence. As this is the most important foundation to build a fulfilling profession and furthermore life afterwards. But as I want you to already look right into the future, we already also get into the topics of your profession and how you can use your qualities best to connect them with your vision.

Within this third module we already build your great vision not only of your purpose, your future profession, but of your great picture of life. I want you to grow into your most fulfilling essence that you could ever imagine and therefore we are allowed to build up every single part of your future life into detail. Does this sound wild & crazy? Yes, but I swear you will love it. I also teach you the techniques of visualisation and manifestation as I want us to work on several levels and layers of making your dreams come true. With this module a big journey of several techniques starts that you are allowed to do within the whole Masterclass process and that I already know: Will stay a big part of your process within the whole next year and further on.

What you receive on top:

  • Your daily Manifestation Meditation
  • Your golden Soul path Affirmation 50 Minutes Recording

To work with our subconscious mind and everything that is connected with, which actually is EVERYTHING, is the most important fact as we can only grow as big as our subconscious allows us to. That’s why it’s a must to work with our blueprint and all belief patterns that have grown out of it. Yes, we do have positive ones, and they are here to be even more empowered within this Masterclass, but we especially focus on those that are limiting you all way to achieve your visions. Therefore we work with specific neuroscience and mindset techniques that allow you to transform your old, negative and limiting beliefs into a new, positive and supportive mindset. This fourth module will set the anchor for not only your big vision and purpose, but it will definitely create a big new shift in your whole life.

We will especially focus on the topics of self worth, self love, growth, fulfillment, and self-determination and success!

What you receive on top:

  • Self love and self worth Affirmation
  • Mirror Work Exercise
  • Healing & Let Go Meditation

After shifting and clearing a big block of old, limiting beliefs, heaviness and wounds, we are allowed to feel the freedom that this big intense fourth module has created within us. And more: We are allowed to fill up the new space with all the amazing opportunities the Universe wants us to see and experience and with this we build the base for your very own business. Together we build the next steps and goals for your vision, business idea and purpose and work through challenges and opportunities to create the exact vision of your very own conscious business. We focus on the big topic of bring your ideas and goals up to the visualization and we also dive deep into your money mindset, as well as money structures to know where you are and where you are allowed to within the first steps of your business, as well as in your futures.

What you receive on top:

  • Money Lectures from Lori Haberkorn
  • 21 Days of Lakshmi Journey

It’s time to make it real! We transform your vision into your mission aka your fulfilling very own conscious business. In this sixth module we build the first clear and visible foundations of your business while creating your brand idea. It’s all about your message, your style, USP and appearance to the outer world. This is such a fun and creative part and you will get to know yourself on a complete next level. It will also be one of the most empowering parts, as you’ve already come so far and now you will see how much you’ve worked through, changed, left behind and empowered within yourself to finally see your very own business grow out of it.

What you receive on top:

  • Apps, Websites and tools to build your own business

In this seventh and last module we set up your business to be seen by not only your own community, but by the whole world. We create the whole structure of your business and as well already your very first products! Through one of my greatest biz teachers you will receive some lectures in branding, creative strategy and marketing, especially when it comes to social media to find your very individual and unique way of sharing your message with the world. As this is the time where you are allowed to step into your life purpose, to live your mission and to release your very own business!

What you receive on top:

  • 1 Hour Creative Branding, Strategy & Marketing Lesson by one of my favorite Biz Teachers
  • Release & Business Affirmations
  • Business Meditation

This Masterclass is for you if…

… you are an ambitious woman who wants to grow personally, but also professionally.


... you know that something magical is already waiting for you and that you are destined for greater things in life.


… you are ready to get to know your true essence in order to get to know yourself on a complete new level.


… you are ready to let go of your old limiting belief pattern in order to create self-determined life in joy and fulfillment.


… desire to build your very own conscious business.


… you want to serve the world with all your specific qualities and have a message to share.


… wish to connect with like minded women and find support within a sacred group of inspiring women that love to celebrate each other’s successes! #realpowerfulsisterhood

… you are ready to be the creatrix of your life!

This Masterclass is NOT for you if…

… you have already created your own successful business in which you live in your complete abundance.

… you don’t desire to create your very own conscious business.

… you are looking for intensive one-on-one support, as this Masterclass 2021 is a Group Coaching Program and therefore our Live Sessions also take place in the group. However, if you are looking for community and support from like-minded people who experience similar processes as you, with whom you want to exchange ideas and learn from each other, the Masterclass is just right for you.

This Masterclass isn’t about giving you the tools and techniques, strategies and tactics without showing you how to apply and implement them in your very own life.


As this is what it’s all about. It’s about YOU and I deeply believe that you yourself are the only person who can create your very own success in life and the good thing: You already carry everything you need within.
And I am here to remember, to re-connect and to give you the exact support to apply the wisdom in your everyday life so that you can create your individual version of joy and success!


Create together,
celebrate together!

Meet your Mentor…

Lori Haberkorn

Astrologer & Modern Mystic
Empowerment & Biz Mentor


Lori Haberkorn is an Astrologer and Women’s Business Mentor of the new era and yes, this is also written in her stars. As a Capricorn rising, finding her purpose aka Medium Coeli within Scorpio connecting with Pluto to the 10th house – to be a Modern Mystic and helping others to transform their life and business into a fulfilling and successful one is 100% her very own mission.

As a Modern Mystic, she inspires her community with astrological wisdom, practical and spiritual tools and lots of empowerment and motivation. Lori already supported over 1000 private clients on their very own journey back to their essence and forward into their purpose and fulfillment, and also works with several high end international business partners to bring consciousness and fulfilment into our lives.

Lori is passionate about all things mysticism, astrology, female empowerment, manifestation, wealth and abundance, successful business building and creating the life we aspire to live in.

So if you are looking for a mentor that is teaching you with a deep grounding foundation, but also mentoring you on a high spiritual level – Lori is your Babe to go!

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    A question you might have:



    Who is this Masterclass for?

    For every ambitious and driven woman that is ready to step into her power to transform her vision into her mission. For every woman that aspires to build her very own business out of her qualities, may it be a side or full time business. Important fact is that you follow your soul path, your mission here in life as you are here for a reason.



    Is this Masterclass in German or in English?

    This Masterclass is in German and I am super happy to coach you in my beloved mother tongue.



    When does this Masterclass start and in which time frame does it take place?

    This Masterclass starts in March 2022. It is a 4 months journey with meeting up every second week for a Live Q & A for each specific module. We will have altogether 8 Live Sessions together!



    How long do I have access to the content?

    All the content will be uploaded weekly and after the Masterclass starts you will have access to all the content for one year.



    Where do I find all the content?

    With the in March 2022 we will send you the access to the Masterclass via email. At this website you will find all the pre-recorded videos, meditations, affirmations, teacher lessons, group coachings and your workbook.



    How much time am I allowed to invest in?

    If you truly want to go all in and want to experience a change within the planned 4 months, I recommend to put in about half an hour of work every day throughout the whole time of the Masterclass. Repetition and commitment is queen! But also allow yourself to be in your very own flow, as every process is different and each and everyone of us is also in different stages of our life.
    Some modules you may find to give more energy and time, and others may feel more easy going for you. The good thing is, that you can learn and grow on your own paste. You will already experience major growth within the 4 months, but also know that you have access to the content for 1 year.



    How can I pay?

    You can pay via Paypal and direct bank transfer. You can also use the option of payment installments at the checkout to split up the amount into 4 smaller parts without any extra fee. Please let us know in the field “additional information”.

    A tip of mine:
    You can use the invoice of this Masterclass 2022 investment already for your very own future business, so you will save 19% on taxes!



    What if I have a question about the Masterclass?

    If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via and we are super happy to help out.

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