PLANETARY CHANGES: July 26th - August 01st - Lori Haberkorn

PLANETARY CHANGES: July 26th – August 01st

WHAT A WEEKEND! Did you enjoy your Full Moon in Aquarius as much as I did?
I celebrated it with my freaky, special, magical soul unicorn and it was all Aquarius-Leo healing and upleveling vibe!
This week we have some big planetary changes. Mercury enters Leo, Jupiter ℞ heads back to Aquarius and Mars enters Virgo. On top, we have the last Quarter Moon of this Moon Cycle being created in lovely Taurus on the weekend. Plan in some extra self-love & pleasure time to treat you like the Queen you are!
So head into the new week, enjoy and never forget: You are here to shine your light!

MONDAY, July 26th
Moon enters Pisces

While the weekend was wild and crazy, loaded with lots of different high, but still tense energies, we start this week in a completely feminine and soft energy, as the Moon enters Pisces, the last and most angel-like zodiac. Start slow and reflect on what you were allowed to shift within this weekend. No matter if you made a Full Moon Ritual or not – we all feel the shifts and changes of the universe within. Some very conscious, others subconscious and ALL IS WELL. Allow yourself to see where you are and where you want to go within the last two weeks of this amazing Moon Cycle. Dream big and see the bigger picture.

TUESDAY, July 27th
Mercury semisextile Mars

Today already feels a bit different from yesterday. While yesterday was all about a soft, intuitive start into the week, on this Mars Day it’s all about moving forward. Our ideas, projects, and visions receive a good push forward when Mercury is semisextile to Mars.
If you are working on specific ideas right now – dive deeper as you may experience a positive shift. Communicate with others and get your brain inspired by becoming active. Move your body, move your energies, move your thoughts. Give it a try – it always works!

WEDNESDAY, July 28th
Mercury enters Leo & inconjuncts Jupiter ℞
Jupiter ℞ enters Aquarius
Moon enters Aries

Today Mercury enters Leo and Jupiter ℞ arrives again in Aquarius.
Mercury in Leo connects our mind with our heart and lets us communicate confidently straight out of our pure center. And this with a lovely, powerful, and warm-hearted tone. This is truly a wonderful energy that allows us to express our thoughts, ideas, and vision in order to see them come to life.

When Jupiter ℞ is back in Aquarius, we still have to bring our focus back on all topics aquarian (I mean – this is what we shall work with the whole year, as this truly is an Aquarius ruled year). May it be about our digitization, research, medicine, but also humanity, spirituality, and visions to improve our future. It all wants to be revisited and reworked to expand massively upon, especially when Jupiter is direct again with October 18th.

THURSDAY, July 29th
Mars in Leo opposite Jupiter ℞
Mars enters Virgo

Another planet changes zodiacs and it is Mars this time. He is leaving Leo as well as Venus last week to enter analytic and smart Virgo energy. And this is perfect for realizing and sharing our vision and creations in Leo Season, right?

So what is Mars in Virgo all about?
Mars in Virgo activates perfectionism, tough analysis, and a certain sense of order even though we are in playful and slightly chaotic Leo Season. And this is absolutely what we need right now, as it is well known: Clarity on the inside creates clarity on the outside. And vice versa, of course.
So create a supportive routine, a healthy lifestyle, and some to-do lists to go!

FRIDAY, July 30th
Venus inconjunct Saturn ℞
Moon enters Taurus (evening)

We slowly wandering to the last Quarter of this Moon Cycle and with this time, we often get a bit challenged. Not in major tasks, but in the small things and mostly on a very personal level. So allow yourself to lean back and to see the overview of where you are and what needs to receive some new adjustments. Where are you allowed to take responsibility right now? On your personal level, in your business, your visions, your projects, and visions?
Which structures and plans would support you right now, to get back to a strong supportive fundament that allows you to grow strongly and steadily further on?

SATURDAY, July 31st
Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

Yesterday at night the Moon entered lovely and grounded Taurus and this is a perfect time to get back for some PLEASURE this weekend. The Last Quarter Moon often brings up self-doubt and worries, so even more important to do something that not only feels freaky good but also that empowers our soul within.
Sometimes a walk in nature can be it, and for others it’s meeting up with a soul partner, having long intense talks, eating delicious healthy food, and really living the good life.
Remember: At Taurus is all about ABUNDANCE – on all levels. And pretty often also about some luxury and self-love. So how can you pamper your soul to the ultimate to feel all of that? Put yourself first and make yourself feel like the QUEEN you are!

SUNDAY, August 01st
Sun conjunct Mercury
Venus inconjunct Chiron ℞
Mercury opposite Saturn ℞

The Sun and Mercury are aligning in the Universe and this can truly bring up some bright ideas and good news in the area of 9°33’ in Leo. So have a look in your chart where these degrees are located to receive some special input on where the universe is bringing some successful ideas into your life!
A bit later this day, Mercury is in opposition to Saturn ℞ and this truly brings up the need of taking responsibility in your life. Mostly on a personal level, that really wants you to move forward as Saturn is retrograde. But remember that the personal level is pretty often connected also to the professional, especially if you truly follow and live your purpose.

So have a wonderful new week, shining Star!
And never forget: stay magic, stay weird!

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