PRE-FULL MOON PREPS: September 13th - 19th - Lori Haberkorn

PRE-FULL MOON PREPS: September 13th – 19th

Welcome to a new week, wonderful Star Lover! Did you enjoy the first days of Venus being in deep, emotional, and mystical Scorpio? It’s about time to empower the inner witch within us and to create and live out of the deep center of our essence. So would you love to learn more about the witch soul that wants to be seen and healed to become the powerful anchor of our manifestations? Let me know in the comments what you think about it!
For now, let’s head into the magic of this new week, and let’s make it sparkling!

MONDAY, September 13th
First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

We start this Moon Day with the first Quarter Moon of the current cycle, being in fiery and adventurous Sagittarius. As you might know, Quarter Moons often bring inner struggles and doubts. The Moon is half full with Yin, but also with Yang energy which might feel like a balance to some, but often like a wish for more clarity and base for the most of us. It’s a great time to reflect on your first week of the new Moon cycle to see how far you’ve already come and what next steps need to be done, in order to see your wishes grow to fulfillment within the following week until we celebrate a powerful Full Moon in Pisces.
So where are you allowed to create adjustments to find balance within your desires?

TUESDAY, September 14th
Sun opposite Neptune ℞
Moon enters Capricorn

Today the Sun in Virgo opposes retrograde Neptune in Pisces. It’s not the best day for making big decisions as a big cloud of fog filled with illusion hangs around. We may feel more sleepy (although we have a Mars Day of activation and movement around!) and if you just need more rest and time for yourself – this is completely okay. It’s not the best day for going out there and showing your clear visions anyways, except it’s about something intuitive and creative. This is where we find some power today, as we are open to leave reality in order to drift into new spheres of our subconsciousness and fantasies!

WEDNESDAY, September 15th
Mars enters Libra

Mars enters Libra and everything around love, harmony, and justice gets more activated than ever. Together with Venus in Scorpio, we have a hot combination that focuses on deep, lovely, soft, and wild relations of togetherness. This energy holds on until October 30th, so what a beautiful vibe of gaining justice, love, and romantic experiences. On another note, Mars in Libra often reveals itself as being the people pleaser. Of wanting harmony and love so badly that we put too much energy into it, that not always turns out the way we want it, as again: everything needs to be in balance. So don’t forget your own needs, practice love by starting to love yourself, and learn to not only give but also to receive with a free and open heart.

THURSDAY, September 16th
Sun inconjunct Jupiter ℞
Moon enters Aquarius

We still have a grounded and stable Capricorn Moon around until the late afternoon hours. So it’s a great time to create some supporting structures, get things done and make a plan to go! The Sun inconjuncting with Jupiter being Retrograde also asks you to be realistic and to keep in mind what’s truly possible right now. So have some real talk with yourself and allow yourself to create structures that bring more abundance into your life. As the following Moon in Aquarius longs for freedom and purity in life! And yes: Clear structures can create more freedom, as they support you in using your time and energy wisely to create more time for what your soul desires. I teach that a lot within my mentorings and structures for freedom are one of my favorite business techniques!

FRIDAY, September 17th
Sun trine Pluto ℞
Venus square Saturn ℞

On Venus day we have some powerful constellations. The Sun trining Pluto ℞ allows us to see the growing light within the shadows of the past, and one thing is for sure: This light is here to grow massively! It’s a great day to reflect on parts within yourself that still block you know in completely living your qualities. Beware of the relationships you are currently in. Are there any relationships to people, projects, jobs, or vision that feel like limiting you in moving forward? If yes, how can you take more responsibility for yourself and these relations to make a big step forward? What decisions may be made here? You don’t have to do any specific things because of what others do, think, or believe. Make your own rules and follow them!

WEEKEND of September 18th – 19th
Mercury inconjunct Neptune ℞
Moon enters Pisces

And the weekend is around the corner, which is in a very Piscean energy. Especially on Saturday, our mind is affected by a kind of dizziness and illusionary thinking. Don’t believe everything you think right now, as it could be tricked and it’s getting more intuitive later in the day. As the constantly growing Moon enters Pisces late on Saturday night and therefore our heart seeks more creative and intuitive work. Enjoy a Sunday walk in nature, connect with your emotions, visions, and feelings and go with the flow. We already are in the pre-Full Moon in Pisces vibes and you can already prepare yourself for what is allowed to be released with it. If you want to create a Sun Day releasing Full Moon fire – do so!

Sending you lots of Stardust & Magic!
Stay magic, stay YOU!