1 Hour Personal 1:1 Coaching - LORI HABERKORN

1 Hour Personal 1:1 Coaching

100.00 Inc. Vat

You can book your personal individual Coaching Session with me whenever you feel to want some Support, Guidance or a Coaching to a specific topic of yours.
I will create a sacred space for you to arrive and to dive deep into your topic, with everything that is currently blocking you from truly being in your power, to release it and transform it into supporting energies that push you to your wonderful vision.

What you receive:
Video and Digital Document of our 1:1 Session
+ Email Support for the following days
+ Special Practices & Exercises to your topic

You can get in touch with me via the free 15 Minutes Get To Know Call before booking your wonderful, transforming Coaching and I will send you all the further steps and information via email after your booking.

All of my Coachings are available as a personal or a digital Session via Clickmeeting Video Call.

If you want to take the big step forward to change your life completely, I am happy to start this wonderful journey together with you! I will be right at your side, holding you, coaching you to a happy, fulfilled and wealthy life!

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