Astrocartography Reading

349,00 Inc. Vat

Ever thought about which places to explore, to travel or to even move to?
Or do you wanna know how a different place can change your soul purpose and activates new tasks in your life?

It’s again written in the Stars and Astrocartography allows you to see places, you may have never thought about and gives you opportunities to live your purpose at the fullest wherever you are right now. It gives you not only places where you are allowed to experience specific different things, where you are allowed to come home, or bloom within your business, find love and all that you wish for. It also opens up new perspectives on how places release new tasks and missions within your own chart.

What you receive:
– 45 Minutes Live 1:1 Chart Reading
– A video recording of your Reading
– Your Astrocartography Blueprint

This Astrocartography Reading is for you if …
1) … you moved to a new place and want to know how this movement affects your purpose in life.
2) … you want to explore different places to connect with specific topics like your purpose, mission, what (and who) you love, but also your shadow, or trauma.
3) … are planning on moving to a new place and want to know what places would be best for your desires.

Please let us know in the Check-Out which options (1,2 or 3) you want to work through within our Reading.
This Reading can be held in English or German. After your booking we get back to you via e-mail with appointment opportunities within 24 hours.

I am happy to guide you through the Stars!

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