Astrology 101 – The Course

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Astrology 101 – The Course reveals the supportive and magical codes of the Universe.

In this course I teach you the most important parts of Astrology, to already dive deep into your own Birth Chart and read the secret codes of the Universe.

Astrology was my life saver. It helped me to finally understand who I truly am and who I am meant to be. It opened up new portals of possibilities and it was the first time I found myself truly seen.

I am forever thankful to have found the wisdom of Astrology and the tools to guide me best on my very own journey of joy and fulfilment.

My wish is, that this Astrology 101 Course does the same for you. That it supports you best in taking the first steps into Astrology and exploring the opportunities of your higher self and soul path.

We have a strong focus on:
– The 4 Elements
– The 12 Zodiacs
– The 5 Personality Planets + the Ascendant
– The 5 Society Planets
– The 12 Houses

And of course we also get into how to combine those elements in order to actually read your Chart.

This Astrolog 101 Course comes with:
– 8 pre-recorded videos (3,5 hours all together)
– A List of the Zodiacs, Planets & Houses
– A List of Astrology Book Rec’s
– And the forever access to re-watch all videos and learn again and again

Language is GERMAN.

So grab your Birth Chart and lets fly high to reach the Stars.

Online Course

Birth Chart Reading Online Course, Digital Voucher Birth Chart Reading Online Course

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