Birth Chart Reading Online Course

240.00 Inc. Vat

*Also available as Digital Voucher!*

I warmly welcome you to my Birth Chart Reading Online Course, where I will tell you everything about the basics of Astrology and how to read your own, as also other’s Birth Charts.
Together we will dive deep into the universal energies of the planets, of the elements, the zodiac signs and the houses. You will explore your own Birth Chart and its meaning for your personality, mission in life, your love life, your relationships, your visions, dreams and your magical life and how to work with it and use this precious knowledge.
You will also receive a digital document where you will find all the information to further work with your own Birth Chart.

This Online Course includes a Collection of 10 Videos to the wisdom of:
The basics of Astrology – After this course you are able to read your own Birth Chart
Universe Energies
The 4 Elements
The 10 Planets and their energies
The 12 Zodiac Signs and their energies
The 12 Houses and their energies

+ Special points of your mission in life, your relationships, love life, money, wounds to be healed, purpose & fortune
+ Aspects, Quarters & co
+ The Birth Chart Reading E-Booklet – A digital booklet with all the information you need!
+ Forever Access to the Videos to re-watch and learn again
+ List of Books & Inspiration

This Online Course is in German.


Sparkling star,
I’m offline for February,
creating big new magic for you! ✨
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Excited to start this new journey with you!
xx, Lori 🌙