Birth Chart Reading Online Course

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Everything is written in the stars. As above, so below. As around, so within. We all are seeking for answers, messages and security in what we are doing.

Who am I? What is my mission in life? And what is my very own super power to achieve it?

In this Online Course I teach you the basics of Universe Energies, modern Astrology and how to read your very own Birth Chart. And of course, we will also have a special focus on specific topics like love life, money, life purpose, fortune, karma and more to get to know yourself on a higher level and to empower your fullest potential!

This Online Course includes a Collection of 10 Videos to the wisdom of:
Universe Energies
The 4 Elements
The 10 Planets and their energies
The 12 Zodiac Signs and their energies
The 12 Houses and their energies

+ Special points of asteroids
+ Aspects, Quarters & co
+ The Birth Chart Reading E-Book
+ Forever Access to the Videos to re-watch and learn again
+ List of Astrology Books

This Online Course is in German and after your booking you will receive within 24 hours the link and your password to the secret page with all the recorded videos, as well as your E-Book.


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Birth Chart Reading Online Course, Digital Voucher Birth Chart Reading Online Course