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Your golden Lakshmi Journey

Golden Babe, I am happy to have you here as when you read this you are ready transform your relation to money, wealth and abundance for forever!

It took me 29 years to finally make THE cut and change within my money mindset, but with only one decision everything around money, prosperity and abundance changed and scaled massively and I can tell you this: It hasn’t stopped until now and it won’t, as it’s all about our mindset and the techniques we use on our everyday base that changes your relation to money forever!

This 21 Days of Wealth & Abundance is for you if:
– You are here to change your money mindset forever.
– You want to dive deep into your money blueprint to explore and transform limiting money and wealth pattern.
– You want to work with money on not only a rational level, but also feel a desire to take the approach of the spiritual world into your transition.
– You feel like having a lack of money in your life and want to learn how to easily and constantly attract money into your life.
– You want to learn the system of money so that you don’t lose money when earning is, but know how to work with it in order to scale your income.

What you receive within our 21 Days of Wealth & Abundance Journey:
– Your Lakshmi Mantra for Wealth & Abundance that you can practice and chant every day for 21 days.
Money Meditation & Sleep Affirmations to subconsciously work on your money mindset.
Daily Live Practice at 06:30 AM from Monday to Friday where we will meet up to chant the Lakshmi Mantra together.
7 Money & Wealth Teaching Videos with exercises to constantly work on your new money mindset.
Workbooks with exercises, journaling prompts and specific techniques to dive deep into your own relation to money, self worth and wealth.
Community Support Group on SLACK to share your experiences and to support each other throughout the whole journey. This will inspire you to not stop, when having downs but to move on and do it anyways, as we are all going through similar processes and journeys.
– List of Money & Wealth Book Recommendations.
Guest Teacher on Prosperity.
Replay of all Live Sessions to rewatch later the day if you can’t make it to the live. You will have access to all videos (pre-recorded and live session) for 40 days, so that you can move on with your journey on your own paste to the next golden level of 40 days.

After this 21 Days of Wealth & Abundance Journey:
– You have a completely new approach to the topics of money & prosperity.
– You’ve worked through the big milestones of your limiting money blueprint and you’ve set the seed for your new supportive and positive wealth blueprint.
– You know how to build a positive and loving relation to money.
– You know how to build a supportive structure for your income, so that you can scale it to your highest visions.
– You know how to chant and work with Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth & Abundance.


This Live Journey will start with August 8th, at the New Moon in Leo.

Are you ready to completely change your money mindset forever?

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