Living With The Moon 1:1 Coaching + Documents

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What do all the different energies around us mean? Why do they affect us and how can I learn to live with them to use them for good?

Since the ancient times, people learned from nature and therefore from all the planets, especially the moon. Mother moon is the planet of our deepest desires and wishes. The planet of the feminine power, of our intuition and subconsciousness. She is the one who creates the tides, who knows about the harvest and fertility. Her cycle of 28 days builds the cycle of the woman. We were bleeding at New Moon to clean our bodies, our soul and we were fertile at Full Moon when the energy is so high and explosive.
Also each moon of the 13 moon months represents a specific energy, a special moon goddess that is with us in that moon month to support us to learn from and grow with her.
This knowledge about the holy and secret 13 Moon Goddesses is highly exclusive as you won’t find anything about these certain 13 Moon energies on the internet. And I want to share this wisdom with you, moon babes!

Therefore I created this magical Moon course! To teach you about the great knowledge of mother moon, about the different energies and rituals to arise in your own Moon power!
This 1:1 Online Guidance will take 3 months, where we will have twice a month for 1 hour a beautiful Zoom Date to grow together! With each lesson you will also get a document with all the secrets and together they create your own magical Living With The Moon Guide!

I can’t wait to rise and shine in the power and light of mother Moon with you!

3 Months 1:1 Coaching
6 Zoom Calls à 1 hour – 640 EUR
6 Documents that form together the Living with the Moon Guide