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Living With The Moon Online Course + Documents

333.00 Inc. Vat

We are all connected, created out of stardust. We are all one.

Step with me into the wonderful magic of the universe and especially of moon energy to manifest your wildest wishes and dreams and become the creator of your own individual beautiful life! I will teach you everything you need to know about universe energies and law of attraction, modern astrology, the history of the moon, the power of living with the 8 moon phases, old rituals and the magic of Moon Manifesting.

You can start this Moon Online Course whenever you wish for! After your ticket purchase you will receive the link and password to our secret Living With The Moon page, where you will find all the videos and documents, advises, techniques, tables and more to start working!

This Course includes the magical wisdom of:
☽ Law of Attraction & Universe Energies
☽ Releasing old belief systems by working with the blueprint
☽ Basic Astrology – After this course you can read your own Birth Chart on its base
☽ The 10 Planets and their energies
☽ The 12 Zodiac Signs and their energies
☽ The 12 Houses and how to look into the future by working with them
☽ Everything you need to know about Mother Moon with her history, the connection to the female cycle, the Moon Goddesses, 8 phases of the Moon, the magic of the New and Full Moon, Special Moons, ritual and how to manifest your dream life by working with Moon Energies
+ The Living With The Moon Guide, a digital Moon Booklet
+ Forever Access to the Videos to re-watch and learn again
+ Special Practices & Exercises
+ List of Books, Videos & Inspiration

☽ This Course will be online with the December 24th
☽ 6 Coaching Moon Videos à 1 hour + Special Techniques & Practices Videos
☽ The Living with the Moon Guide to manifest your dream life!
☽ For Women & Men
☽ This Course will be for now in German (English version coming soon!)

Choose to manifest your wildest dreams and wishes, a future where you are the creator of your magical beautiful life!