Self Love Empowerment Online & Live Course

279,00 Inc. Vat

It’s time to finally love yourself, Babe!
When, if not now?

Who, if not you?

I want you to finally see and live your fullest potential! You are an individual sparkling star and you are here for a reason. I want to know how phenomenal you are.

The thing is: We all have a limiting blueprint that constantly subconsciously distracts us from growing big! And then there’s our ego, that loves to stay in its comfort zone. And this is a huge problem because through our self-worth we manifest and create our life. If it’s low, we will experience it in a very limiting way. But if you have a healthy and supportive relation to yourself – you will see yourself rise to all the levels you desire!

The good thing: Everyone can work it through and make THE change in its game.

So here I am, offering you the tool kit with exercises & practices to once at all work it through. We will meet up, work on our past, go through ups and downs to meet us in our purest form again.

And the special thing about it?
I will also reveal how to read the code of your self-worth issues in your Birth Chart. Doesn’t this sound amazing?


So what does this Online & Live Course includes?
♡ Pre-recorded Modules & 2 Live Group Calls to guide you through your journey
♡ The wisdom of your blueprint & how to work through it
♡ Specific Exercises & Practises to work through your limiting belief pattern
♡ Self Love meditation for your morning & evening routine
♡ Journaling Inspirations & Affirmations
♡ Your Self Love Routine Plan

+ Self Love Workbook with Exercises and Practices
+ Astrological Insights to your personal Self-Worth Issue
+ Forever Access to the Videos to re-watch and learn again
+ Self Love Mantra to work with
+ List of Books & Inspiration

November 15th, at the Scorpio New Moon
Early Bird Tickets of 222 EUR for the first purchases, price will rise afterwards

This Course is in ENGLISH!
After the purchase, you will receive all further information about the Course.

So jump with me on this phenomenal lovely journey to infinite Worthiness & Self Love.