4 Weeks Magical Money Program – Transforming your Money Mindset to constantly attract Wealth & Abundance into your life!

1.450,00 Inc. Vat

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“You have to work very hard to earn good money.”
“Money is never enough.”

Did you also grow up hearing phrases like these? Well, maybe that’s the reason, why there’s never enough money in your life.

We all have a different Money Mindset, a Blueprint that was created when being a child that is connected to how we create our life. Some of us got raised by empowering, some by limiting beliefs and all of this happened subconsciously.

Is it a lot of work?
Yes, of course it is!
But is also beautiful, amazing and most of all empowering transforming?

Hell yes, you bet it is!

In this golden 4 Weeks Training we explore your Money Blueprint to delete old limiting belief patterns concerning your self-worth and receiving money, to build a new positive and successful mindset where you constantly attract money. I teach you several techniques that not only changed my connection to money, wealth and abundance COMPLETELY, but also the connection of thousands of other people.
Trust me, these are no Woo Woo – Techniques, but explicit rules you have to know and follow. If it works for thousands of other women – why not for you as well?

Who is this Magical Money Program for?
For every woman who finally wants to create THE shift in her relation to money. Who finally wants to attract and the beautiful money she deserves to receive and who is desiring a fulfilled life in wealth and abundance, where money is constantly floating into her life. In love, light and ease.

How does it work and what do I receive?
One Get To Know Zoom Call
Money Magic Starter Package:
– 1 x Vintage Wooden handcrafted Mala to work with, handmade in Munich by Sylvie Eder
– 1 x Citrine Manifestation Crystal
– 1 x Clear Quartz Focus Crystal
– 1 x Rose Quartz Self Love Crystal
Your digital Money Magic Work Book (also printed available)
A 4 Weeks Program of 4 x 1,5 Hours Intense Trainings
Mastermind Power steps to constantly attract Money in the Future
Recorded Videos & Exercises to work on yourself
Recorded Meditations & Affirmations to clear and rebuild your Money Blueprint
Following 40 days Lakshmi Money Manifestation Challenge & Support
+ Receiving your individual Money Magic Code through your Birth Chart

What do I need to start with?
Nothing, but a strong, ambitious will and a precious, kind soul to make the commitment to create THE money shift in your life! Everything else will be prepared and provided by me.

When and where will it be?
After your booking and therefore commitment we will schedule our Call and the start of our 4 Weeks Training. This Coaching is digitally and can be created around the whole wide world.

Money is beautiful, money is magical and with it, we can create the most meaningful & bright life! We all have the same base, now it’s on us to use our opportunities the right way to create the life we are desiring fore!