Mastermind Vision Mentoring – Bring your Vision to Life!

1.490,00 Inc. Vat

You’re an ambitious, sensitive, strong, badass Babe with a burning desire to transform your vision into reality. And you don’t want to waste any more time, as time is precious and you want to step into your vision now, right?

I am excited to consult and coach you in my one-day Mastermind Vision Mentoring program that goes beyond mindset strategies and mentoring techniques. I work with your individual vision, blueprint and energy to create the perfect and successful power steps for your specific vision! May it be about deleting your limiting money blueprint to rebuild a new, supportive and successful mindset to constantly receive wealth and abundance into your life. About creating the master plan for starting your very own Conscious Business or scaling the one you have massively.
You have one big vision, one goal and I help you to transform your dream into reality and up level yourself, your business, your future and life. And not just for now, but for long-term success.

Who is this Mastermind Vision Mentoring for?
For every woman who feels a deep desire to finally transform one big vision into reality. Who wants to up level herself, her relations, business, her life. No matter, if you have your own creative, conscious business or want to build one. Everyone is allowed to constantly grow massively.

How does it work?
– The Mastermind Vision Mentoring is divided in 3 parts.
– One Get To Know Zoom Call with receiving your Starter Package
– One-Day Intense Mentoring of 5-Hours individual Consulting and Coaching and 1-Hour Lunch Break at mine (all vegan food & drinks inclusive)
– One Follow Up Zoom Call with heading in and receiving your individual Power Steps Ending Package

What do I need to start with?
Nothing, but a strong, ambitious will and a precious, kind soul to make the commitment to create THE change in your life! Everything else will be prepared and provided by me.

When and where will it be?
After your booking and therefore commitment we will schedule our Call and Mastermind Vision Mentoring day. This Coaching can be held personally at my studio in Berlin, or digitally around the whole world.

Let’s get on this beautiful journey together and create the change you’re desiring for!