Moon Manifesting 2020 Online Course

240,00 Inc. Vat

We are the Sun, we are the Moon.

Did you know, that you can manifest your wildest wishes with our Mama Moon?
And did you also know, that we therefore also work with the energies of the Sun?
Constantly growing, wandering through all the different phases to reach the shiny stars of the big, wide universe!

Step with me into the wonderful, golden magic of the Moon to learn how to INTENSIVELY UPGRADE your Manifestation Skills! I want you to truly manifest your wildest visions and dreams and become the creator of your own individual beautiful life of wealth, love, peace and abundance! In this specific online course of 9 lessons I will teach you everything you need to know about law of attraction, the basics of modern astrology, the history of the Moon, the power of living with the 8 Moon phases, rituals and the magic of Moon Manifesting.

This Online-Course includes 9 magical Lessons of:
☽ Law of Attraction & the basics of Modern Astrology
☽ History of our Mother Moon and her connection to female power & fertility
☽ Moon Manifesting
☽ The golden magic of living with the 8 phases
☽ New Moon Manifesting Ritual
☽ Full Moon Releasing Ritual

+ 2 Live Moon Rituals
+ Moon Manifesting Workbook
+ Forever Access to the Videos to re-watch and learn again
+ Special Practices & Exercises
+ Meditations & Lakshmi Mantra
+ List of Books, Videos & Inspiration

+ Self Love Package of 1 Video on how to start to rework your self worth & 1 Practice Video of the Mirror Work Technique

at July 12th after some major Eclipses and 1,5 month of no manifesting

☽ 3-Week Program
☽ Online Course
☽ 9 recorded Lessons with infinite access
☽ Meditations, Mantras & more
☽ Moon Manifesting Workbook

This is the last Course in GERMAN!

Bring some sparkling magic into your life and decide to chose yourself!
Chose to create your very own, individual beautiful life by manifesting your wildest, biggest wishes with the golden magic of our Mama Moon!