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YES, it’s here!
Your ultimate Community & School of Universe Energies, Law of Attraction, Moon Manifesting and Modern Astrology to create your magical, powerful dream life – THE MOONIVERSE CLUB!
At this special platform, connected to a secret Instagram MOONIVERSE CLUB MEMBER PAGE, I will post on a weekly, as also daily base unique videos, documents, posts on the current formation of the planets and Moon phases, Modern Astrology and special events, their energies and how to work with them, create rituals and use them for your bigger vision. And more, I will teach you in the topics of Law of Attraction, Manifestation and how to transform your subconscious mind to super power to make your vision come true!

The MOONIVERSE CLUB is a place, where I will post all my wisdom, inspiration and education. And with your very own account you can also connect and communicate with all the wonderful, inspiring, like minded club members, ask questions and I will answer all of them!
After the purchase you will receive your own account with the password and access to the MOONIVERSE CLUB and secret Instagram Account.
So, let’s take a closer look at all the magic!

What you receive:
– Special Access to the Mooniverse Club Page and Secret Instagram Account
– Community of like minded people, supporting each other to an unlimited growth of wealth and happiness!
– Exact information to every astrological event and how to work with its energy, especially when it comes to work on your vision!
– 2 Monthly New & Full Moon Videos & Documents with explanations of the whole constellation of the planets, what it means and how to work with it
– 2 Monthly Ritual Guide Videos & Documents for the New & Full Moon
– Constant information and videos to the current constellation of the planets, special events, moon phases, retrogrades, oppositions and how to use it on the Mooniverse Platform as also at the Secret Instagram Account
– Extra content and information to the topics of Law of Attraction and Moon Manifesting and how to create a magical, peaceful life, where all your visions do come true!
– Specific Tables and Charts to download and work with!
– Special Mooniverse Club Membership prices on all Lori Haberkorn Coachings!
– List of books and inspiration to the topics of Astrology, the Moon, Law of Attraction and Manifestation!

WOW! Does that sound good?

Great, then come with me and I’ll show you the Universe with all her magic to not only make your life so much better, but to truly transform it into your dream life, where everything is possible!


Sparkling star,
I’m offline for February,
creating big new magic for you! ✨
If you want to become a MOONIVERSE Member to still receive astrological support and guidance – you can order it at any time and receive immediately access to my Private Astrology Member Club.
All other orders will be processed with 01/03/2020.
Excited to start this new journey with you!
xx, Lori 🌙