New Moon in Taurus Circle, 04/05/2019, Berlin


The moon always accompanies us, she leads us with her knowledge of light and darkness through all different phases and feelings and supports us in every stage of our lives. With her we manifest our deepest longings, let go of the past to be reborn again out of her powerful white light of determination.

Once a month we meet at new moon for celebrating new beginnings, for starting our new moon month, full filled with pure love and magik! Together with like minded women, we talk about the current moon energy and her goddess, to not only learn, but mostly grow with her. We reflect and clean in the meditation, as also in the ritual our last month to explore and experience all the love and beauty we received. And in this gratitude and light we create our next month, with all the wishes and intentions we have for it, by making the New Moon Ritual.
I will create a wonderful and beautiful sacred space for you to reconnect with your heartfelt desire to grow and arise in pure magik!

I would love to have you in this circle and if you want to live with the circle of the moon, I am happy to accompany you on your moon journey! This New Moon Circle and Ritual in powerful, grounded Taurus will be so healing and magikal! So let us celebrate it together beneath our beloved mother moon!

Saturday, the 4th of May
7 – 9 pm
Location to be announced, Berlin

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