Original Waite Tarot Deck

19,00 Inc. Vat

My Tarot Cards accompany me already over my whole life, as yes my very own Tarot Cards are as old as I am and I received them from my mother as a lucky charm, when I left home to go on the adventure called life.

Tarot is one of my spiritual tools that I use EVERY DAY for self reflection, planning my day and aligning myself with the cosmic law of the universe. It’s always here to give me the exact answer and advice when I am longing for a clear answer and it has pushed me already in the highest next levels, by being brutally honest and letting me see the truth. May it be the good or the bad.

Tarot is not looking into the a crystal ball and telling you the future. Tarot is also no devil’s work, but a great tool that brings you closer to your inner wise voice, helps you to trust yourself, because YES – you already have everything you need within you. All the answers to your questions, all strengths and qualities – all of these are already YOU. And the Tarot Cards will open the portal to get to know your strengths and inner wisdom on a new level to bring more clarity, focus, trust and growth into your life!

So what can you use your Tarot Cards for?
– Channeling with the Universal Wisdom
– Receiving answers to your questions
– Journaling and reflecting on your visions and yourself
– Guidance for yourself and others
– Rituals and Magic

Details to this Original Premium Waite Tarot Deck:
– 78 Cards, divided in the Big Arkana of 22 Cards and the Small Arkana of 56 Cards
– Size 70 x 12 mm
– Pictures, Colors and Backside of the Card according to the first edition from 1910

This Deck is in English!

As addition you can purchase my individual Digital Tarot Guidance E-Book of 60 Pages for some extra information and my Learnings and Understanding of the Cards through over 20 years. Just send me an E-Mail if you are interested in.

I also created a Tarot Reading Online Course for you where I teach you everything you need to know about how to read the sacred codes of your Tarot Cards for yourself, as well as for others. You can find this one in a kind Online Course here.

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