Past Life Vision Zoom Meet Up, 07/02/2021

22,00 Inc. Vat

Magical Stars, I shared my very intense visions, dreams and feelings after the Full Moon in Leo with you and I received so many messages of you Babes, you have had similar experiences.

So I want to dive deeper together with you in order to give you insights, why all of this happened and how to work with it on a personal level.

Therefore I created this Zoom Meet-Up where I am sharing my very personal experiences, as well as some teachings on how to work in the future with specific constellations like this – to not only be prepared, but to also know what they want to teach you specifically and how you can grow out of them.
I am also opening up the space for you to share your experiences, because it’s all about community and supporting each other and we can learn the most from each other.


This 1- Hour Live Talk includes:
– 30 Minutes Talk  & Teaching
– 30 Minutes Q & A about Astrology & Past Lives
– Insights on how to work with Transits for your very own
– Recording of our Live Zoom Group Call

Sunday, February 7th, 6PM

As I will share very personal information, as well as data (my Birth Chart is the most intimate thing to share for me), I created this private Zoom Event for us to have a sacred space to arrive and to really have some REAL DEEP TALK.

No worries if you can’t make it to our live session – this Talk will be recorded and uploaded to a secret page for you to watch afterwards. After the purchase you will receive the Link as well as all the further information the event.

I am excited to have some awesome mystic deep talk with you, Babes!

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