Personal 1:1 Guidance

100.00640.00 incl. VAT

I support, guide and coach women on their individual journey back to their original self. My aim is to work on the purity of the essence of your being and to create a space for you, where you can truly be yourself, where we can discover your real mission of life to create the best version of yourself. I take you back to what really matters, to your own magikal power. Therefor I work with mother nature, energy fields, astrology, the power of the moon, and specific techniques.
You can book a 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching if you need a missing link to a specific topic. To really step into your own power I advice you to do the intense 3 months 1:1 Coaching and Guidance, where we meet twice a month for 3 months, in person or via Zoom Video Call to work on your goals. With each of our 6 one hour meetings you will receive a guiding document with information, exercises and homework to work with.

1 Hour of personal 1:1 Coaching is about 100 EUR, including support via email before and after our special meeting. It is 640 EUR for an intense 3 months Guidance and Life Coaching, including your guiding documents with information and support. During these 3 months you will get email support whenever you need it and I will always be there, if you have questions or need my help!

If you want to take the big step forward to change your life completely, I am happy to start this wonderful journey together with you! I will be right at your side, guiding and coaching you to the best and purest version of yourself!