4 Weeks Professional Re-Orientation Training – Your Empowering Life Purpose & Mindful Job Transition

1.111,00 Inc. Vat

Babe, do you also feel that a constant shift in our values is happening?
That we desire to do and create something more meaningful in life?

If you already feel that something bigger and greater is already waiting for you and that it’s time to create YOUR life, I want to tell you that NOW is the BEST time to make THE change in your current job situation and to finally find your true life purpose!

Everything is changing, and so are we.
I want you to find your individual qualities, your wishes and needs, your true mission in life to step into your power and do what fits 100 % to your energies and your qualities.
Together we will explore your life purpose through your Birth Chart to combine it with the vision of your future that already lives deep within. In this 4 Weeks Program we create a Masterplan to not only build your vision but also to create further steps to transform it into your reality.

When, if not now?

Who is this Professional Reorientation Training for?
For ever woman who feels that something bigger is already waiting for her. That she is meant to create something mindful & meaningful here on Earth to support and inspire 1000s and 1000s of other women. For every woman that is committed to step into her power and to finally become her very own Power Babe Boss!

How does it work and what do I receive?
One Get To Know Zoom Call
Your digital Life Purpose Work Book (also printed available)
A 4 Weeks Program including 4 x 1,5 Hours Intense Trainings
Mastermind Power Plan for your Vision and stepping into your new Business
Following 40 days Purpose Challenge & Support
+ Receiving your individual Life Purpose & Job Code through your Birth Chart

What do I need to start with?
The great ambition for finally making THE change in your life and transforming your vision into your life purpose! 100 % Commitment and a strong belief in yourself & your future! Everything else will be prepared and provided by me.

When and where will it be?
After your booking and therefore commitment we will schedule our Call and the start of our 4 Weeks Training. This Coaching is digitally and can be created around the whole wide world.

Are you ready to explore your true essence and create a conscious, mindful change that makes you wake up with motivation and power every day, because you are doing what you love?
I am so excited to explore YOUR individual mission in life and to coach and support you to transform it into your amazing reality!