The Basics of Tarot Workshop, 11/01/2020

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At this special 11 – 1 day, in between a Lunar Eclipse and the BIG BOOM of the Saturn & Pluto conjunction,  I warmly welcome you to my Basics of Tarot Reading Workshop!
In this Workshop I will teach you the basics on how to easily understand and read the meanings of Tarot as we can find many hidden signs in the magical Cards that help us to understand their meaning. I will work with the Rider Waite’s Tarot Deck, as these are the original European Cards that I truly love to work with. If you work with other cards you can still be a part of this course. The signs on the cards may be a bit different, as many modern cards don’t include the hidden signs in the Cards. If you’d like you can also include the name of your Tarot Deck as a note in your order.

This Tarot Reading Workshop will be digital and after the booking, you will receive an invitation to our digital room and all the further information to our magical 11-1 Event!

This Workshop includes the magical wisdom of:
The basic of Tarot
A little history Talk
The Wisdom of the Big & Small Arkana
The 4 Elements and their meaning in Tarot
The Wisdom of the Cycle of Tarot and how to read the hidden secrets of the Cards

Saturday, 11 – 1 – 2020
14:00 – 15:30
Digital Live Workshop
This workshop will be in German, you will receive all the exact information after your ticket purchase.

Excited for spending this special day together with you, diving deep into the magic and ancient wisdom of Tarot!

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