Your Birth Chart Reading

140.00 Inc. Vat


It’s all already written in the stars…
Your personality, your wishes and dreams, your mission in life, your relationships, what may block you and what supports you.
Getting to know ALL of your energies really is such a leveling up, as you get to know and understand yourself on such a deep and meaningful level. It also supports you in all your further decisions, may it be about your job, money, your love life, family, your big visions and dreams.
With this Birth Chart Reading and my Astrology Coaching of diving deep into the constellation of the planets and their energies, this will truly help you to realize your essence of being here on Mother Earth.

What you receive:
Video and Digital Document of our 1:1 Birth Chart Reading
+ How to balance your energies
+ Special Practices & Exercises to your topic

You can get in touch with me via the free 15 Minutes Get To Know Call before booking your magical, enlightening Birth Chart and I will send you all the further steps and information via email after your booking.

All of my Coachings are available as a personal or a digital Session via Clickmeeting Video Call.

If you want to get to know yourself and all of your energies, believes, wishes and dreams, as also your mission in life concerning your Birth Chart, I am very happy to create your individual Birth Chart Reading and Astrology Coaching to show you the big magic of Mother Universe!