Your Birth Chart Reading

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Everything is written in the stars. As above, so below. As around, so within. We all are seeking for answers, messages and faith in what we are doing.
Who am I? What is my mission in life? And what is my very own super power to achieve it?

And you know the good thing? You can find all the answers in your very individual astrology blueprint – your Birth Chart. Your greatness, your visions, opportunities, as well as challenges that wants to come to surface to be worked through. I will reveal your connections and relations to all the specific topics, may it be your life purpose, love life, money, as well as your big dreams and visions.

In this Birth Chart Reading you will get to know yourself on a deeper & higher level at the same time. It will open your eyes to see your true essence and meaning of life and it supports you in making further decisions.

What you receive:
1-Hour digital Reading via Zoom
Recording of our 1:1 Birth Chart Reading
+ Coaching on how to balance your energies
+ Your personal digital Astrology Chart
+ Digital Chart Guide with all the information (+ 50 EUR)
+ With agreement on on-paying you can also up level your Birth Chart Reading up to a1,5 or 2-Hours Reading

What I need from you:
Your date of your Birth
The exact timing of your Birth (this is important, Babe!)
The city of your Birth

This Birth Chart Reading is also available with a main focus on one specific topic, like relations, love life, money, job, wounds, karma, etc. These are recommended after having already done a whole Birth Chart Reading.

Excited to dive into your very own Universe to empower your fullest potential!

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Birth Chart Reading

Reading & Audio – 190 EUR, Reading, Audio & Digital Document – 240 EUR