Your Goddess Reading

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We all carry our very own Goddess energy & power in ourselves!
Each of us in our individual, beautiful, sensitive, strong way!

We not only have our own Moon Goddess(es), but only specific Goddess Asteroid constellations in our chart and therefor in ourselves. Their placement and connection tells you a LOT about your very own female qualities, what you are allowed to empower even more and which energies truly want to be shown in the world as your individual FEMALE SUPER POWER!

What you receive:
1-Hour digital Reading via Zoom
Recording of our 1:1 Goddess Reading
+ Coaching on how to balance and use your energies
+ Your personal digital Goddess Chart
+ Digital Goddess Guide with all the information (+ 50 EUR)
+ With agreement on on-paying you can also up level your Birth Chart Reading up to a 1,5 or 2-Hours Reading

What I need from you:
Your date of your Birth
The exact timing of your Birth (this is important, Babe!)
The city of your Birth

Dive with me in your female nature and reveal your unique female super power! Excited to dive into your very own Universe to empower your fullest potential!

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Goddess Reading

Reading & Audio – 190 EUR, Reading, Audio & Digital Document – 240 EUR