Your Personal Moon Goddess Document

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Do you know, that every Moon month is ruled by a specific energy, that wants to be empowered in yourself?

Every Moon has her own energy, story and therefore also her very specific, individual and nearly forgotten Moon Goddess representing all of it! I live for sharing the nearly forgotten stories of our female ancestors, our wise Power Babes of the past that still live in each and every one of us today!

In my yearly studies of the history and magic of our female planet of wishes, fertility and growth I discovered and created the magical Moon Goddesses. 13 Goddesses that created change, wisdom, love and power – everyone in her very own way. Sensitive strong.

Also you were born in a specific Moon sign, Moon phase, as well as Moon Month and this energy tells a lot about what lives deep inside yourself. Your very own Moon Goddess.

I am excited to create your very own, individual Moon Goddess Document for you!

In this digital Document you will find:
Your Moon sign, Moon phase & Moon month
General information about the Moon and her Goddesses
Your individual Moon Goddess with her ancient story
Pictures of your Moon Goddess
Tools & Practices to empower her energy in yourself

What I need from you:
Your date of your Birth
The exact timing of your Birth (this is important, Babe!)
The city of your Birth

YOU already are this sparkling Goddess and it’s time to bring her magic on to the outside, Babe!

This Product is available with October 20th again!


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Moon Goddess Document

Moon Goddess Digital Document, Digital Voucher Moon Goddess Document