Your Personal Moon Goddess Document

120.00 Inc. Vat

Every moon has its own energy, its own story, and therefore also its very specific, individual moon goddess representing its energy!
The holy secrets of the Moon Goddesses is a very exclusive topic, as you won’t find anything on the internet about the certain 13 Moon Goddesses. Each energy is different, has its own nearly forgotten story and is also connected with our birth date and therefore with our own energy. The Moon Goddess asks us to learn from her old knowledge, to grow and to get closer to your purest self, your own elemental wisdom.

I explore your own Moon Goddess of the date of your birth for you, to reveal her secrets for you. The great power that already lies deep down in yourself, the power and wisdom that wants to be inflamed!

You will get an individual digital document with all the information about your personal moon energy, your personal moon goddess as also background information and materials for empowering your own Moon Goddess through specific rituals in yourself!

Grow and shine with Mother Moon and her powerful Goddess, as YOU are that magical Goddess!