RELAX & RELEASE: July 19th - 25th - Lori Haberkorn

RELAX & RELEASE: July 19th – 25th

After one week’s pause and only instagram stories guidance, I am back – ready to bloom with the Moon as we are heading straight up to one extra magic Full Moon in Aquarius, that will be created this Saturday! We also leave emo-Cancer to enter fiery, playful Leo Season and the energy will finally shift completely in a more powerful and joyful one. And after this Cancer Season that was full of tears and deep emotions, this is exactly what we need now, right?

So head into the new Weekly Horoscope and again a little reminder:
This is one of the last free Horoscopes as within the future this astrological guidance will only be available through my ASTRO STARS membership!
Happy new week! Love you! xx, Lori

MONDAY, July 19th
Mercury square Chiron ℞
Sun semisextile Venus
Moon enters Sagittarius

This week starts with a deep, psychic Scorpio Moon, as only at the night the Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius. So expect this day to be full of great emotions that can feel together with the Cancer Sun pretty extreme – positive, as well as negative. Be easy with yourself, as Mercury is also squaring Chiron ℞, so old limiting belief pattern can pop up to the surface. When it does, feel them and become aware of them as this is the first step of letting go and healing. The energy is getting lighter the closer we get to the evening, as the Sun is harmonizing with Venus and we are able to experience beauty in life again.

TUESDAY, July 20th
Mercury sextile Uranus

Today already feels a bit lighter, right? The Moon in Sagittarius is ready to broaden up our inner emotional field, so do everything that expands your higher being and brings you closer to your purpose. Work with your vision or meet up with people that inspire you to see and live beyond. You are here for a bigger reason and most of it, to live it to your fullest potential. So call a friend or have that chat, as you receive some new important insights and messages when Mercury harmonises with Uranus around lunch time.

WEDNESDAY, July 21st

Today the universe is easy on us – no important Star events.
Maybe it’s the calm before the storm? We have a Full Moon in Aquarius to come and the Moon is getting fuller and fuller. And tomorrow there are huge changes in the Universe to come.
So a good time to take a deep breath, create clarity and focus on what you still want to achieve before blooming on Saturday with the strong, rebellious Aquarius Full Moon.
How can you support your Cancer New Moon wishes best, so they can come to fulfilment?

THURSDAY, July 22nd
Venus enters Virgo, opposite Jupiter
Mars inconjunct Pluto ℞
Sun enters Leo

Wow, what an energy shift!
We end emotional Cancer Season to head straight up into fiery, playful Leo Season and I guess this is exactly what we need right now! Are you with me?
So we are shifting into a new vibe that allows us to completely enjoy and live in the now. To be aware, to create and to live and show all of our magical and pure, specific qualities!

“You are here to shine your light.”
This is a quote I totally created for the powerful and inspiring energy of Leo and this is what we are allowed to do all Leo Season long.

Venus on the other hand is leaving Leo to energy analytic Virgo and we start to desire more clarity in all topics LOVE (not only who, but also what we love). So maybe it’s time to create it in order to make an important decision?

FRIDAY, July 23rd
Sun inconjunct Jupiter ℞

Although we already are in powerful Leo Season, know that we are also close to creating a Full Moon and that energies are loaded! This special and more uncommon constellation of the Sun being inconjunct to Jupiter ℞ tells us not to overcommit. We may want to seek it all, to do it all and we have a thousand open things to still finish before heading into this Full Moon. Be kind to yourself and know that you only have 24 hours a day and that you are human. Jupiter wants us to achieve fulfilment and see the good side of life. Maybe you can still find it, but in something different than overachieving?

SATURDAY, July 24th
Moon enters Aquarius to create a Full Moon in 1°26’ in Aquarius, 04:37 AM Berlin time
Mercury trine Neptune, opposite Pluto ℞

Yay! The Moon enters rebellious Aquarius to create a powerful morning Full Moon that invites you to celebrate your own abundance and growth, and to let go of all that restricts you from continuing to grow into your desires and goals.
This one wants you specifically to work on the topics around your qualities and creations in connection with your individuality and higher desires. You may release what is holding you back from following your visions, living your uniqueness and sharing your qualities with your specific community.
Mercury is also in opposition to Pluto and forms a trine to Neptune, so it’s important to overcome your own shadow in order to steadily move closer to your ideal picture.
Celebrate it with your sisters, dance to the Moon light and shine your light!

SUNDAY, July 25th
Mercury opposite Pluto ℞

We still are completely in the Aquarius Full Moon energy, so if you want to create a Full Moon Burning & Releasing Ritual – do so!
The Moon will enter Pisces already tomorrow morning, so better get into it today and shake it all out! dance, move and not let any bad and shady Pluto ℞ get into your amazing energies, unless they support you in becoming aware of what is now allowed to be released.

So happy new week!
Stay magic, stay weird!

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