SEEKING & SHIFTING: August 09th - 15th - Lori Haberkorn

SEEKING & SHIFTING: August 09th – 15th

My Love, how was your golden Lions Gate / Leo New Moon Weekend?
Did you celebrate life and yourself the best? And did you create your New Moon Manifesting Ritual?
I experienced big breakthroughs and massive energies within myself the last few days! Thank Goddess – finally! And creating this powerful Ritual to honor myself, my visions, and everything I already have in life was so heart-opening and supporting.
My wish is that you spent some amazing time and had some bright enlightenments as well.
This week we will experience all kinds of emotions, so head into the new week and enjoy!

MONDAY, August 09th

Mercury inconjunct Pluto ℞
Moon enters Virgo

We are still in the golden energy of the New Moon as the Moon is together with the Sun, Mercury, and Sirius in Leo. With Mercury being inconjunct to Pluto ℞ it’s the perfect time to still connect with your wildest dream and soul desires to let go of your shadow self and rise with the Stars!
At noon the Moon leaves fiery Leo to wander into analytic and smart Virgo. Over the next few days, we can support our soul the best when creating some structure and planning around our current desires and visions.

TUESDAY, August 10th
Venus Opposition Neptune

Venus opposing Neptune definitely makes us dream even higher and bigger. The energy around this day can feel kind of struggling as we really seek to achieve what we love and the fact is, that it often takes some time to actually get where we want. Practice patience, trust, and self-love. Everything you want and that is made for you is already on its way to you. Allow yourself time to grow and instead of getting sad, get into movement.
What is it that you can do today to get one step closer to your dreams? DO IT! Now.

WEDNESDAY, August 11th
Mercury opposite Jupiter ℞ and enters Virgo
Moon enters Libra

Today Mercury joins the party of Venus, Mars, and the Moon in Virgo. Although we still are in cheerful, playful Leo Season, this constellation already dives us deep into organized and analytic Virgo energy. Mercury loves to be in Virgo as this is his home sign and we, therefore, receive even bigger support in all mental processes. It will become easier to create clarity, communicate, learn and bring structures back into our mind and therefore as well into our life.
Anyways, the Moon will leave the Virgo Club late at night to wander into soft and lovely Libra. Get your cuddles, a romance, and a pizza-candle dinner with your loved one.

THURSDAY, August 12th
Venus trine Pluto ℞

As the Moon in Libra already brings lovely vibes – Venus and Pluto also harmonize and life opens up to new chances, hope, deep talks, and passionate love on all levels!
And this on a lucky Jupiter Day! Heck yes, this sounds good!
So there is definitely a special energy around this week and it turns out to be good and fulfilling.
This is also a good day to practice forgiveness and choosing love over fear.
It’s time to grow, Babe!

FRIDAY, August 13th
Mars inconjunct Saturn ℞

It’s Friday, 13th – a lucky day! I mean, just saying: The Lunar year has 13 Moon months based on the Maya. In Tarot, it symbolizes the Card of “Death” and therefore the power of transformation. It’s all a phase, just like the Moon. We die to be reborn again, it’s like the phoenix rising out of his own ashes. And in Numerology 13 is a symbol of focus, determination, willpower, the magic of manifestation to build a strong fundament to grow.
It’s about independence and self-control. “You are the creator of your life.” This is the vibe we are allowed to go for today.

SATURDAY, August 14th
Venus inconjunct Jupiter ℞
Moon enters Scorpio

Today our heart wants us to redirect our energies. Where do we need more balance in what we love and what we seek? Is there anything you put too much energy and effort into that doesn’t bring you closer to where you are meant to be? Or do some parts or people need more attention, love, and awareness that you have neglected lately?
The Moon also entered Scorpio today, so you are allowed to passionately dive deep into your soul and everything you love to create harmony within. Be aware that you may be more emotional this weekend, but also use it to experience the essence of everything that is.

SUNDAY, August 15th
Sun inconjunct Neptune ℞

Something you are allowed to work through today for the upcoming week and all further steps: What’s your heart-vision, that you truly want to turn into reality and what’s an illusion, that you are allowed to say goodbye in order to center yourself again.
I know it’s Leo Season and EVERYTHING is possible – BUT: some things need time and a strong foundation first before coming into our life and reality. So create some clarity. What are the most important topics to work on right now? And what is here to be saved for the future? And you know, when we start to refocus and get back to what is really important now, sometimes the bigger visions turn into reality even faster than we can imagine.

So have a wonderful new week, Moon Babe!
Stay magic, stay weird!

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