THE FUTURE IS NOW: August 16th - 22nd - Lori Haberkorn

THE FUTURE IS NOW: August 16th – 22nd

We are in the last days of Leo Season, so it’s about time to enjoy life even more! To take your time to do what you love, even if it’s turning out doing “nothing”. It’s about being present in the now and taking in the Sun. The outer, but also your inner Sun.
What else to come?
A LOT, as the universe really creates a big party in the cosmos! Uranus is going Retrograde, bringing shifts into the finance and economy market, as well as massive changes within our climate (we already feel it!). We also celebrate the second Aquarius Full Moon to come and enter Virgo Season in the last hour of this week! So head into it and ENJOY!

MONDAY, August 16th
Venus enters Libra
Moon enters Sagittarius

What a wonderful and inspiring Moon Day we have today!
The Moon is leaving deep, intense Scorpio to bring more joy and light back into our soul when entering fiery Sagittarius in the early morning hours. The next two days are perfect for being spontaneous, following your heart desires and expanding your horizons by getting to know yourself on new levels!
Also Venus is entering Libra and feels extra lovely and vibey, as she is from now on in one of her home signs. SPOT ON softness, high aesthetics and LOVE, as we may see everything from now on through our heart shaped pink glasses. Enjoy love, give love, receive love, be love.

TUESDAY, August 17th
Mercury inconjunct Saturn ℞
Sun inconjunct Pluto ℞

This Mars Day we are allowed to take in some new tasks.
Mercury and Saturn ℞ ask us to find new ways of communications, as old ones may not work anymore. How can you change your perspective on your wishes and needs in order to create a new successful way of communication?
Also with the Sun being inconjunct with Pluto ℞ be aware that we may face some challenges within our presence and main energy. We may feel more drawn to control our desires, ourselves and even others, when it should be more about opening up and empowering faith and love in whatever you desire. Do the best to stay aligned and centered with an open heart and you will make the best decisions for yourself.

WEDNESDAY, August 18th
Moon enters Capricorn
Jupiter ℞ semisquare Chiron ℞
Mercury & Mars inconjunct Chiron ℞

Okay, the following days the universe creates a party in the cosmos and guess what: You are invited.
If you use the following days wisely, you can take a lot out of it. Especially as we are heading straight up to the second Full Moon in Aquarius, that will be created on Sunday.
The Moon enters Capricorn and seeks for security, stability and clarity. However this may not be the easiest with Jupiter ℞, Mercury and Mars connecting with Chiron – our wounded healer, bringing up triggering topics or old wounds. With all of these constellations I have mainly one message for you: Keep calm and easy! Don’t take things personally, don’t make something bigger as it is and don’t overreact. Stay chill, as otherwise you may regret it later on.

THURSDAY, August 19th
Mercury conjunct Mars

On this lucky Jupiter Day it’s all about using the power of your precious mind, as it gets activated massively when Mercury and Mars align in smart and pragmatic Virgo.
This day is perfect if you want to work on a specific idea or project or even have an important conversation with a new business partner, investor or your team. If you want to move big visions, projects, ideas or as well as personal topics where you are allowed to act more on a rational level forward, this is your day!

Remember: Everything that you can do and finish before heading into the Full Moon is really good, as we still are in the growing and acting energy of the waxing Moon!

FRIDAY, August 20th
Sun opposite Jupiter ℞
Uranus ℞ in Taurus

Mercury trine Uranus ℞
Moon enters Aquarius

Wow, what a Day! First of all: We find our 5th out of 10 planets now Retrograde, as Uranus is joining the Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto Retrograde Club. Not to forget that also Chiron is Retrograde right now …
Uranus ℞ creates major surprises, shifts and instabilities in all topics economy, environment, finances, food and nature. It’s also connected to earthquakes or abrupt heavy weather changes and conditions. Something that we already experience A LOT! Uranus will be ℞ until January 18th 2022, so better get used to it. Also a quick reminder that the 3 main squares of Saturn and Uranus this year are all about climate and new systems for it as well, so there is no going back! We have to act NOW! Everyone individually, and all together on the collective level!

Another thing that can show up during Uranus ℞: Aliens! They are coming! 👽✌🏽

SATURDAY, August 21st

Today is chill – for a day. Although of course all the previous, as well as coming planetary constellations influence us on all levels also today.
The Moon already is in visionary and rebellious Aquarius, making herself ready to create the second, and even more powerful Full Moon in Aquarius with tomorrow. So if you are up for a Full Moon Burning Ritual, or some journaling to prepare yourself best for the Full Moon to come – you can already get into it today. It’s again about all topics independence, freedom, individualism, humanity and a better future!

SUNDAY, August 22nd
Mars trine Uranus ℞
Second Full Moon at 29°37’ in Aquarius, 02:02 PM Berlin Time

Moon enters Pisces
Sun enters Virgo

Happy second Aquarius Full Moon and Virgo Season Day!
Today the Sun and the Moon create in the last hours of Leo Season the second and highly important Full Moon in Aquarius. Dive again into all of your highest desires and let go of what limits you to build the new future you envision for yourself and everyone that follows. This is a highly personal and individual energy, but at the same time the only energy that sees the bigger picture and is connected with the whole world! Just imagine the impact that you have in this world and know that you are a part of the great plan and picture!
In the late night hours the Sun enters Virgo to start Virgo Season!
More on to that in all my following posts!

So have a wonderful new week, Moon Babe!
Stay magic, stay weird!

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